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Amnesty International Ignores Atrocities Against Black People in Libya

Amnesty International Ignores Atrocities Against Black People in Libya

Posted: 2011/09/07
From: Mathaba

A war must be waged against Amnesty International by human rights activists world wide

by Karen Marlow

The "triumphant" rebels have been targeting supposed loyalists in the territories they control. There have been reports of the mass abuse of black people, who are suspected of being mercenaries from sub-Saharan Africa on Gaddafi’s payroll.

Among the victims are nationals from Chad, Sudan, Ghana and Nigeria, many of whom came to Libya as guest workers and had no chance to flee when the violence erupted in the country.

“Anyone with dark skin, they say he's a mercenary,” the Emirate newspaper The National cites a local resident as saying.

Some reports claim hundreds of black people have been rounded up, arrested or even summarily executed in the first days after Tripoli was captured.

Another unlikely group suspected of being Gaddafi stooges is 23 Ukrainians, who were arrested for allegedly being mercenary snipers. Ukraine had been a major source for professionals such as doctors and engineers under Gaddafi’s rule, with Libyan companies offering wages several times higher than what they could earn back home.

The group, which includes a woman and several old men, was working for an oil firm. They arrived in Libya in during the conflict, which is the main point of suspicion for the new authorities, since no other evidence was found.

All the Ukrainians deny being combatants and say they served as engineers, cooks and other civilian specialists at an oil field. They said the rebels who arrested them took all their possessions and some have been beaten and tortured.

“For some reason they think that Slavic people are snipers. We have nothing to do that. We came here to earn money peacefully,” Vladimir Doglov told RT's correspondent in Tripoli.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said it has managed to set one of the detainees free and is in negotiations with the NTC over the rest of Ukraine’s citizens in custody. None of them were charged with any crimes.

Meanwhile Lizzie Phelan reports that any area known to have supported or supports Gaddafi has reportedly been bombed or been subjected to homes and apartments being burned and looted. And even the mainstream media has been unable to ignore the systematic targeting and lynching of anyone with black skin. It is widely known that Gaddafi’s opponents deeply loathed his rhetoric and policies in support of Black Africa.

With Sirte, Sabha and Beni Walid being amongst the last areas still flying the green flag high, the rebels claim to be giving these a deadline before they resort to a “military response”, implying that in the meantime, a non-military avenue will be pursued. Yet again, the media fail to highlight the hypocrisy that the rebels’ ally, NATO, has been openly bombing these areas.

As in Zlitan, Zawiya and elsewhere, the same atrocities as those committed in Tripoli, are being carried out in Beni Walid and Sirte with the complete silent complicity of journalists and “independent” observers on the ground. This is “free Libya”, so long as the thousands of dead and in hiding upon which it is based goes unmentioned.

The BBC has yet to apologise for using blatantly fake footage from a demonstration in India claiming it was in Tripoli’s Green Square, as part of their evidence that the city had fallen.

So the ethnic cleansing of Blacks in Libya continues. NATO-Backed Libya "Rebels" are clearly terrorists and racist... the mainstream media is already engaging in widespread damage control in an attempt to mitigate the fallout of the reality of the situation in Libya and the withering NATO-sponsored narrative of post-Gaddafi Libya.They are called "Africans and Black Libyans", "Sub-Saharan mercenaries".

One prisoner, Ahmed Ali, had burns across his face, neck, and arm. He said he had come from Chad two years ago to work. ”When the rebels entered Tripoli, some guys came and burned down my house,” he said. ”They brought me here,” he said, adding that he’d received no medical care in the six days since his arrest.

Reports say the victims include black Libyans, Nigerians, Ghanaians, Kenyans, and other citizens of sub-Saharan African, no fewer than 20 black men were found dead outside Col Gaddafi’s compound after Libyan rebels entered Tripoli. Their hands were tied behind their backs and some of them had been shot in the head.

On the road south out of Tripoli, about 200 black people were also said to be hiding in a small encampment made of two small outbuildings shielded by a small wall and a metal door.

Amnesty International said "it was told" that between one third and half of those detained were from sub-Saharan Africa.

The Green Charter Movement has however called upon people world wide to leave Amnesty International because it has itself committed crimes against humanity by ignoring what is happening in Libya.

Its publication "Human Rights Defender" issued in Australia and covering the 3 months of June-August 2011, Volume 30 Number 2, in all its 24 pages does not even mention the word Libya ONCE.

Instead Amnesty International, which styles itself as a "human rights defender", praises itself throughout the pages, clearly designed to attract more membership and money, and also praises Australia in regard to Black Original Australian (so-called Aborigines) without even mentioning ONCE that Northern Territory, where most Original Australians live, does not even have a democratic government but is still ruled directly by the white colonial outpost in Canberra.

Africans in Australia are not even allowed to go and visit the Original Australians, who reside on "reservations" which require permits for visitors to be issued by the white authorities who attempt to keep these communities isolated from Black people around the world.

The most major human rights violations are taking place in the current new theater of war in Libya, raging since March and uninterrupted until now, and yet Amnesty International's "Human Rights Defender" magazine does not even MENTION Libya even a single word in the entire publication covering the months June, July and August where massacres and horrific torture and abuses have taken place as witnessed across the Internet and by news networks, yet Amnesty International chooses to ignore all this.

If you know anyone who is a member of Amnesty International, please tell them they are a fool. Amnesty International is clearly a demonic "gate-keeper" organization designed to attract white liberals with a conscience and take their money while doing nothing to help Black people, whereas the one society on earth, the Libyan Jamahiriya, where Black people had full rights, is being destroyed in front of our eyes, Amnesty International looks the other way.

Support us so that we can wage a full information war against this evil organization of pretenders, donate today, and support the new grass-roots initiative, where Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and other fake human rights organizations will be held to account, along with fake news media Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, BBC, and fake social media networks such as Twitter which knowingly allow false rumors to spread from fake accounts, as well as NATO and other terrorist organizations.

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