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Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Heart of Africa Worldwide Radio Broadcast: 'France's Invasion of Mali'

Heart Of Africa: France’s Invasion of Mali

16 Jan 2013

France’s Invasion of Mali with Abayomi Azikiwe

A program hosted by Kudakwashe Cayenne

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On this week’s edition of Heart Of Africa we discussed the military invasion of Mali by France last week Friday. Other Western states like the US, Britain, Germany and Denmark have delivered their support to France.

In retaliation, Mali rebels have now vowed to avenge this invasion by taking the battle right to the heart of France, Paris. Our special guest is Editor of Pan-African News Wire, African Historian and Political Analyst, Abayomi Azikiwe ( .

This invasion comes amidst other events like the undergoing deployment of US & Canadian troops to 35 African countries to boost the US military agenda in Africa, commonly known as AFRICOM; and the increased used of drones across Africa, with looming plans of this in the Democratic Republic of Congo. France and allies are also currently carrying out an operation in Somalia.

There is a greater history to the current crisis in Mali which also connects to other regional countries like Libya, Niger and Algeria. History, like in the invasion of Iraq, shows us that some of the pretexts used for military invasions do not give us the real issues on the ground. Many a times these pretexts have been proved to be false.

Abayomi will generously share his knowledge and wisdom not only regarding this matter in the global and regional contexts, but with regards to what Africa and her friends ought to be doing to combat the challenges presented.

He also discussed the expected role of the AU, and organisation perceived to be the voice of Africa in all matters. The programme is concluded with relevant biblical perspectives.

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