Saturday, January 12, 2013

France Conducts Failed Raid on Al-Shabab Outpost in Southern Somalia

Helicopter raid on Al Shabab outpost in south Somalia

January 12, 2013

Bulo Marer (Shabelle) — Reports from Bulo Marer, a trading outpost which is under the control of Al Shabab in lower Shabelle region, say that attack helicopters with special forces have raided a house in that vicinity late last night.

Residents say that they were awaken with the sound of helicopters hovering the area followed by large bangs and an exchange of fire and unconfirmed reports say the house raided was suspected to be the holding site for a French intelligence whom Al Shabab kidnapped from Mogadishu in 2009.

Residents say that the helicopters repeatedly attacked the same house. Some unconfirmed reports say the special with the helicopters left behind the died body of one of their own and militants from Al Shabab took that body away.

Three other people are reported to have died in this helicopter attack in Bulo Marer. A website affiliated with Al Shabab report that it was French special forces who attacked Bulo Marer last night and the website says that the French failed to release the intelligence that Al Shabab is holding.

Bulo Marer is situated less than 30 kilo meters from Merka, the regional city of lower Shabelle region which is under Somali government forces and those from Amisom.

Shabelle news desk

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