Friday, January 11, 2013

France Could Send Troops to Mali

France says will send troops to Mali if needed

11/01 14:05 CET

France appears to have taken a step closer to military intervention in Mali

Following rebel consolidation of power in the north, its troops are on the move again, and threatening the entire country.

They have now taken the city of Konna, opening the road to the south and the capital, Bamako.

The government has just announced it is counter-attacking to retake Konna, and has deployed armour, helicopters and, say eyewitnesses, unidentified foreign troops.

“Mali is faced with blatant aggression, so I have decided that France will respond, alongside its African partners, to the request of the Malian authorities. We will do it strictly within the framework of the United Nations Security Council resolution. We are ready to stop the terrorists’ offensive if it continues because it is a duty of solidarity and responsibility for France to uphold the Security Council’s resolution,” said French President Fran├žois Hollande on Friday.

Hollande had previously ruled out the use of French troops, and will be hoping the UN’s special envoy Romano Prodi can make some progress towards peace. He has met with Mali’s interim president and the prime minister in Bamako. Malian interim President Dionounda Traore will meet Hollande in Paris on Wednesday.

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