Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Sudanese Communist Party Boycotts Opposition Demonstrations

Sudan Vision News Daily

Communist Party Boycotts Opposition Demonstrations


Khartoum - Sudanese Communist Party has ordered its members in neighborhoods and localities not to engage in any activities involving demonstrations or protests except after consulting with officials for towns sectors obliged by the instructions.

However, the party instructed its members in Bahri to carry on with what it called “mass mobilization programs” to capitalize on some events.

Sources close to the Communist Party revealed that the party’s leadership ordered its branches to avoid direct or indirect participation in activities called for by the Opposition Alliance to avoid the repetition backing down by representatives of those parties on participations, which may active members to threats of detentions and crack down.

The Communist’s leaders were opposed to a meeting to assess a political position on what they called “cowardice of leaders of the Alliance to spearhead popular moves against the government,” a reference the Alliance leader’s decision on Gezira University’s events organized by Sudanese Conference, according to the sources.

The party’s branches in Omdurman have completed arrangements for membership count to prepare papers in preliminary to hold a congress in the town supervised by the political secretary for Omdurman area.

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