Thursday, January 07, 2016

Uganda: Kyalya Predicts Museveni Defeat
By Simon Peter Emwamu
The Monitor

Soroti — The only female presidential candidate, Ms Maureen Kyalya, has said the number of votes that the Opposition and independent candidates will garner shall deny the incumbent the majority win and force a re-run.

For a candidate to win outright they should score more than 50 per cent of the votes. The Electoral Commission says there are 15 million voters.


Addressing a rally at Soroti Independence Gardens on Tuesday, Ms Kyalya estimated that when she gets 30 per cent of the vote and FDC candidate Kizza Besigye also gets 30 per cent plus another 20 per cent for independent candidate Amama Mbabazi, it will hand President Museveni defeat and end his 30-year rule.

Ms Kyalya, who has just returned from the United Kingdom where she went in November for fundraising, said she will advocate equality of all Ugandans and equitable distribution of national resources.

"It's unfair for government to concentrate everything in western Uganda at the expense of other regions," she said. Ms Kyalya claimed many people in northern Uganda have died due to negligence while many Teso youth have died in national service.

In what appeared like echoing the message of Dr Besigye, a four-time presidential candidate, Ms Kyalya said "the race we are in is a liberation war."

Kyalya has a checkered political history having started as an advocate of FDC on whose ticket she contested in 2011 for the Jinja Woman MP seat, which she lost to NRM's Agnes Nabirye. However a year later, in 2012, she joined the ruling NRM.

She dismissed opinion polls that depict her as an inconsequential candidate. She warned that when results are rigged in favour of the incumbent, she will spearhead the secession of the east to create the Upper Nile Republic.

"Let's give them (Electoral Commission) one chance, if they don't we are going to form our country," she said.

Past presidents praised

Ms Kyalya praised former presidents Milton Obote and Idi Amin Dada as the best presidents Uganda has ever had, as they left the country with tangible infrastructure. She said schools, hospitals, roads that the two presidents established are still durable.

She said Amin, who has been accused of having presided over a dictatorial government, was nationalistic in his approach. Amin gave Indians 90-days to leave Uganda and he redistributed their businesses to Ugandans.

"Right now we are back to slavery, in Busoga where I come from, the Indians are the landlords, the Chinese are the landlords, even to open the gate, they import Chinese," she said.

"The President is not a god. If there is any person to save Uganda, its none but you, the electorates. I need your vote," she pleaded.

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