Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Gunmen Attack Mogadishu Hotel, Somali Officials Say
By Robyn Kriel and Omar Nor, CNN
12:40 PM ET, Wed June 1, 2016

Story highlights
 Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for an attack at the Ambassador Hotel
 A gunman is dead, two others remain inside the hotel
The attack began when gunmen set off an explosion and stormed the hotel

Mogadishu, Somalia (CNN)Suspected Al-Shabaab gunmen set off an explosion and stormed a popular hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia, Wednesday, police said.

The siege at the Ambassador Hotel began after the attackers detonated a car packed with explosives at the gates of the building, according to Capt. Da'ud Hajji, a senior Somali police officer.

One of the gunmen is dead, and two others remain inside the hotel, according to a tweet from Somalia's National Intelligence & Security Agency.

Authorities have rescued 10 people and cleared out three of the hotel's four floors, according to NISA.

The Ambassador Hotel is a popular spot for Somali politicians, members of the diaspora and westerners.

Soon after the attack, Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility. Citing an unnamed commander, a statement on a website linked to Al-Shabaab said one of the group's jihadist fighters detonated a car laden with explosives at the gate, allowing armed militants to enter the building.

It's a tactic Al-Shabaab has used in past attacks, like the one at another hotel in the Somali capital last year that left 15 people dead.

Al-Shabaab aims to turn Somalia into a fundamentalist Islamic state.

The group has been blamed for attacks in Somalia that have killed international aid workers, journalists, civilian leaders and African Union peacekeepers.

What is Al-Shabaab, and what does it want?

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Journalist Omar Nor reported from Mogadishu, with CNN's Robyn Kriel reporting from Nairobi. CNN's Holly Yan, Catherine E. Shoichet, Radina Gigova and Joel Williams also contributed to this report.

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