Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Ivory Coast Tasked to Strengthen Human Rights Institutions - UN Expert
Linnete Bahati
African News
31/05 - 09:55

The United Nations independent Human Rights expert has called on Ivory Coast to strengthen human rights organisations before the departure of the UN peacekeeping mission in the country.

According to Mohammed Ayat, the UN expert who launched the appeal, authorities in the country have been invited to reform the national commission on human rights by providing necessary means to ensure its independence.

The country’s Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and Civil Liberties has also been called upon to be involved in the implementation of the human rights act that will ensure civil societies fully play their roles.

Ayat also recommended that the justice system in Ivory Coast ensures fairness to everyone just as it was the case when victims of different crises in the country were compensated.

He concluded by saying the fight against impunity is essential to prevent inter-community violence in the country. The mandate of the UNOCI mission in Ivory Coast is due to end on June 30 2017.

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