Tuesday, January 17, 2017

African Leaders Must Do Everything to End Gambia’s Political Impasse – Poll

African leaders have been advised to deploy every means towards ensuring a peaceful transition of power in The Gambia, a poll has shown.

A cross section of Africans who reacted through an online poll conducted by TVC News, a pan African news channel revealed that the respondents unanimously agreed that Adama Barrow must be sworn-in as the next president of the Gambia come January 2017, no matter what it takes the African leaders.

The poll which had suggested amongst other things, peaceful protest against Jammeh, tough sanctions by International Organisations, military action, talks by AU and ECOWAS leaders as possible actions at ensuring peace in the country showed that majority of the respondents agreed to the use of all these options, thereby making it amulti-dimensional approach to solving the political impasse.

The breakdown of the  poll shows that 33.15% of the total respondents agreed to the adoption of all the aforementioned options.  While  another set of 22.28% respondents welcome negotiation with President Jammeh, a very reasonable percentage, 26.63% believed that only military actions against the adamant Jammeh can bring end to the brewing political unrest in the smallest West African country.

Notwithstanding the positions of the above respondents.  a total of 9.24% of the remaining respondents settled for tough sanctions against President Jammeh but another set of 6.52% disagreed, a urged the Gambians to stage peaceful protest, demanding immediate resignation of Yahya Jammeh as their president.

But of all these statistics, 33.15% representing those calling for the adoption of a multi-dimensional approach towards solving the political impasse in the country took the lead. Hence, the need for African leaders to deploy every strategy in ensuring quick solution that will lead to peaceful transition from Yahya Jammeh to Adama Barrow come January 19.

All things being equal, Adama Barrow will be sworn -in as the Gambian President on 19th January, 2017, thereby put to an end the political impasse that may likely put the west African nation into untold crisis.

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