Wednesday, January 04, 2017

SNA, AU Forces Push Al Shabaab Out of Town in Southern Somalia
HUDUR, Somalia- Somali National Army (SNA) along with African Union troops have seized control of town in Bakool region from Al Shabaab militants during a major offensive on Tuesday, Garowe Online reports.

General Hassan Baydhobo, a top commander of SNA in the front line said allied troops recaptured Mooro-Gabey, about 30 km south of Hudur town, after Al Shabaab fighters have fled the areas without resistant on Tuesday morning.

The seized village has been under the control of Al Shabaab fighters for the past  months.

The SNA commander said the joint troops will step up their military operations to wipe out Al Qaeda-linked Al shabaab militants from the few remaining pockets in Bakool region.

“The Somali Federal government forces backed by AMISOM troops will keep on moving until they eradicate Al Shabaab and its sympathizers from the entire Bakool region,” he added.

-Al shabaab cuts off men’s hands for stealing’

Al Shabaab militants cut off hands of two Somali men, accused of stealing in a rebel-held area near Kuntuwarey town in Lower Shabelle region on Monday afternoon.

The two men, Abdulkadir Madey Robow, 20, and Madey Enow Aden, 23, have pleaded guilty during Al Shabaab trial to stealing money estimated $250 from a shop in Dhega-Barow village, according to an order issued by the group’s Judge.

The judge has ordered the right hands of both men to be cut off publicly in the area, with reports that hundreds of local residents, including women and children were forced to watch the brutal punishment.

Al Shabaab militants fighting to overthrow the western-backed Somali government in Mogadishu, is known for its brutal actions of punishing residents for theft and espionage charges in areas under their control.


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