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South African Communist Party: Building Capacity for State Power for 2019 General Elections
5 January 2016

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Phillip Radebe District in Mpumalanga province met on 2 January 2016 to discuss new challenges and opportunities facing the Party and the working class in the district.

The DEC received a Political Input from the Provincial Executive Committee, as well as a Political Report from the District Secretariat. The report dealt with, among others, the international balance of forces, the corporate capture of the democratic state by the Guptas and other corporate networks, monopoly capital and its private accumulation of wealth at the expense of the working class and our nation, the paralysis that has engulfed our movement, as headed by the ANC, and the looting of State Owned Entities and public resources.

The meeting also received a report from the Augmented Central Committee meeting of the SACP which was held in December 2016.

SACP, State and Popular Power

Following a rigorous engagement, the DEC noted that all these factors have greatly altered the balance of forces in the country and that there was a need to roll back the corporate capture by the Guptas and monopoly capital, both domestic and foreign and its accumulation agenda.

The DEC reaffirmed that the only progressive organisation - which is at the same time revolutionary - that has the political legitimacy to lead the development of working class democratic hegemony in all sites of power, is the South African Communist Party.

The DEC therefore reaffirmed the correctness of, and further pledged the SACP's commitment to the resolution of the 9th Mpumalanga Provincial Congress, that the Party must contest state power by directly fielding of its own candidates and working class manifesto in 2019 elections.

To this effect, the SACP in the district will be embarking on vigorous campaign to build the Party ever more powerful with the capacity to mobilise the working class and its dependable allies behind the SACP and to build momentum and capacity for a socialist state power and transition from the prevailing capitalist barbarism, corruption, looting and all manner of economic and political exploitation of the working class.

The DEC supported the call by the Augmented Central Committee meeting for an investigation into State Owned Enterprises, and in addition in the province of Mpumalanga, the Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency which received a Disclaimer from the Auditor General.

Joe Slovo Right to Learn Campaign

In honouring the memory of our former General Secretary, National Chairperson and the founding commander of the joint SACP-ANC military wing uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK), along with former President Nelson Mandela, the former Chief of Staff of the MK and first Minister of Housing after our 1994 democratic breakthrough, Comrade Joe Slovo, an intellectual of the working class par excellence, the district 

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