Sunday, January 14, 2018

South Sudan’s Western Lakes State Militias Agree to Disarm
January 10, 2017 (RUMBEK) - Youth militias in South Sudan’s Western Lakes have agreed to lay down their weapons, a lawmaker said Wednesday.

Dharuai Mabor, who represents Western Lakes state in the country’s national assembly, the youth militias will disarm in designated areas.

He said the move will ensure the youth and army do not clash in future.

“When the army starts to actually announce the disarmament, they will be found in a canton organized so that they can be able to hand over their guns,” Mabor was quoted saying.

In December last year, South Sudan President Salva Kiir declared a state of emergency in Western Lakes state after the Rup youths clashed with militias of the Pakam ethnic group, leaving dozens dead.

Kiir also ordered deployment of government troops to restore normalcy in the region and immediate disarmament of the militias. Over 1,000 soldiers have reportedly arrived in the state capital, Rumbek with more expected in coming days.


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