Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Epsy Campbell Will Become Latin America’s First Afro-Latina Vice President
Katherine Stanley
April 1, 2018
Tico Times

Epsy Campbell (right), seen here at a Citizen Action Party event in 2006 with party founder Ottón Solís and his wife Shirley, is now the vice president-elect. (AFP Photo / Mayela López)

We can’t close out our  Elections 2018 coverage without noting another way in which history was made tonight: Epsy Campbell, a longtime presence in the Legislative Assembly and Citizen Action Party (PAC), is now set to become the first female Afro-descendent vice president in Costa Rican history.

Stay tuned for more on Alvarado, Campbell, tonight’s surprising landslide and the plans for the new administration. And thanks once more to our incredible team of freelancers who helped us tell the story of this unusual Election Day.

From all of us at The Tico Times, good night!

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