Wednesday, September 14, 2005

14 September 2005

In its meeting represented by the Presidents and National Secretaries of the ANC Youth League, South African Student's Congress, Young Communist League, Congress of South African Students, Young Christian Students, Student Union for Christian Action and South African Students' Press Union, the PYA discussed the latest developments around the ANC Deputy President Jacob Zuma.The Progressive Youth Alliance welcomes the recent developments around these matters pertaining to the ANC Deputy President.

Amongst these latest developments included the Alliance 10 Aside meeting, the joint statement by both the ANC President and the ANC Deputy President leading to the ANC NEC resolution on the matter and thus charting a wayforward which we hope would lead towards an effective resolution of the issues surrounding the ANC Deputy President.The PYA agrees with the Alliance statement in that we must be guided by the principles of our movement and the principles that underpin our democracy, which we are committed to upholding.

Indeed the unity and cohesion of the ANC and the Alliance is paramount and in the same having recognized the fact that this matter has caused deep hurt and outrage in our structures. Thus a common approach around this matter as recently outlined must be lauded as it must ensure that we focus our undivided attention on providing leadership on the NDR and the transformation of our country.

Thus we believe that this noble wayforward will correctly put the matter where it belongs as a preoccupation of our political leadership, united to ensure that the interests of our movement and constitutional laws reigns supreme without any prejudice .We have called for the leadership'sguidance on this matter, now that it is being provided, we therefore call on all our structures to give this process a due chance, as we need a united process to deal with these very challenging matters pertaining our movement.

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