Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fidel Castro Sends Message to the Cuban People, September 5, 2006

Spanish here, with new Fidel photos. English as soon as it's posted...
The photos can be conveniently blown up on screen.

He makes reference to the 100 hours book, which is still not out yet in English. It can be purchased in Spanish on the internet from such sources as Amazon. The Cuban edition, which featured a dreadful photo of Fidel, and was supposed to have been released in Cuba at the time of his August 13 birthday, is being revised. The cover has also been redone, as you can see from one of the photos in this gallery.

Here are excerpts of the 718-page Cuban edition, which the CubaNews list had translated: http://www.walterlippmann.com/fc-100-hours.html

Fidel Castro Sends Message to Cuban People

Havana, Sept 5 (ACN) Fidel Castro sent a message to the Cuban people on Tuesday saying "I am recovering satisfactorily, the most critical period has passed, and in the coming days I will be receiving distinguished guests."

In the message published by Granma newspaper, Fidel Castro explains that some recently published pictures of him and a video were received with pleasure by the Cuban people. "Some were right to observe that I had lost some weight, as the only unfavorable aspect," he said, adding that he was happy that they had realized that fact, since he lost 41 pounds in just a few days.

The leader of the Cuban Revolution said the last stitch from his operation was removed after a 34-day convalescence.

Fidel Castro said that even during his most difficult days since July 26 he has made a continuous effort to counter the adverse political consequences of such an unexpected health problem.

He said that while he always behaved as a disciplined patient, he was able to advance on some important issues and went on to explain that he concluded revising his interview contained in the book "Cien Horas con Fidel" (A Hundred Hours with Fidel) by journalist Ignacio Ramonet, whose Cuban edition he said will be out in the near future as promised.

Fidel Castro explained that although the most critical moment of his recovery had passed and that he will soon be receiving distinguished visitors coming to Cuba for the September 11-16 Non-Aligned Movement Summit, "it does not mean that every activity will be immediately followed by videos or pictures," but he said that all will be reported.

The Cuban leader said that it is not convenient to permanently offer information or release images on his health process. "We must all understand, and be realistic, that a full recovery will take time."

"At this time I am in no hurry and nobody else should be in a hurry. The country is functioning well and is advancing," Fidel pointed out in his message.

"The school year was inaugurated today, with more students and more prospects than in any previous year. What a wonderful event!" he exclaimed.

In concluding the message dated September 4, 2006, Fidel Castro asked Cubans not to blame anyone for the discretion that, for the sake of the security of the country and the Revolution, he had requested of all.

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Pan-African News Wire said...

Latin American Media Banners Fidel Castro Upturn

Havana, Sep 5 (Prensa Latina) Different media from Argentina, Bolivia, and Colombia headlined on Tuesday Cuban President Fidel Castro´s message about his current health condition, which was published in Granma daily.

In Argentina, La Nacion digital daily inserted a long version of the Cuban president´s letter, under the title “The Most Critical Moment was Left Behind”, taken from one of his assertions, together with his words that his recovery is proceeding at a satisfactory pace.

Clarin highlighted that the Cuban media broadcast new clips and a message from the president, who has been hospitalized since late July.

The newspaper also reported that he has lost 41 pounds since he underwent a surgery, and noted his current good health condition and mental attitude faced with the medical treatment.

In its article, Telam news agency said that Fidel Castro asserted that the worst is already over, and after 34 days of convalescence,
his last stitch was removed.

Several television channels, such as TN, Canal Siete, Tele9, Canal 13, and America 24, broadcast excerpts from the letter and illustrated their spaces with the Cuban clips.

Bolivian state television also highlighted the satisfactory health progress of Cuban President Fidel Castro.

National Canal 7 showed shots of Fidel Castro sitting in a rocking chair, reading, writing, or looking straight at the camera.

The state television channel emphasized the passage in which the Cuban president emphasizes that not for a single day, including the most difficult ones since July 26, has he stopped making efforts to make up for the adverse political consequences of so unexpected a health problem.

It also showed clips of the recent visit to the Cuban president by his Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chavez.

The main Colombian radio and television news shows and the digital dailies also highlighted the message by Fidel Castro about his health condition today.

They said Fidel Castro reiterated that we all must understand equally, with realism that the time for a complete recovery, whether we like it or not, will be long.

The news shows also published that the Cuban president said “I am absolutely in no hurry at all at this moment, and no one should hurry. The country is going well and making progress.”