Thursday, October 12, 2006

Demonstrations Against the Exclusion of Senate Candidate Dave Sole From Public Debates

For Immediate Release

Media Advisory

Event: Two Protests for David Sole, U.S. Senate
Candidate For the "Stop the War Slate" on the
Green Party Ticket
Date I: Sunday, October 15 at WGVU Studios Located at 301 W.
Fulton Ave. Grand Rapids, MI, 11:00 a.m.
Date II: Wednesday, October 18 Outside the Renaissance Center
Detroit Economic Club Debate on East Jefferson at
Randolph, Downtown Detroit, Michigan Beginning at
11:00 a.m.
Contact: (313) 680-5508 or

Supporters of U.S. Senate Candidate, David Sole, to Explain Why He Represents a Real Alternative for Michigan in Washington

David Sole, United States Senatorial candidate on the Green Party ticket, is the only person seeking this office who represents the majority viewpoint in the state of Michigan and the country by opposing the war in Iraq. According to the latest polls taken by major media organizations, less than 35% of the people support the Bush administration's military adventures.

So why is Sole being excluded from the debates at a public broadcast station in Grand Rapids and at the Detroit Economic Club in the Renaissance Center? WGVU has given no legitimate reason why the Green Party candidate is being excluded. The Detroit Economic Club has failed to respond to an inquiry from the Sole for Senate Campaign despite the filing of a formal complaint involving this issue with the Federal Election Commission.

In regard to the public perception of both houses of the Congress, only 25% of the people have a positive view of this legislative body. David Sole is challenging Senator Debbie Stabenow on her record of consistently voting tens of billions of dollars in supplements to continue this unjust war against Iraq and Afghanistan which has resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 American soldiers, countless civilian contractors and according to a recent study, approximately 650,000 Iraqi civilians.

The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have exceeded $300 billion taxpayer dollars. These figures are mere estimates because of the secrecy of governmental operations. However, the public does know that these regular supplements supported by Senator Stabenow remain separate from the $500 billion annual defense budget which is draining the economy and creating a new generation of poor people.

At two upcoming protest demonstrations at WGVU in Grand Rapids and at the Detroit Economic Club Luncheon in the Renaissance Center, supporters of Mr. Sole will explain why Michigan cannot afford to send Stabenow back to Capital Hill. This conclusion is based on her repeated votes against the interests of working people in the state. Over the last several months Senator Stabenow has voted to:

--build an apartheid-style 700 mile-long fence on the border with Mexico further aggravating the relationship between the United States and the people of this neighboring country;
--to continue the funding of the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, consequently draining the national economy of funds that could be used to create jobs, small business opportunities, low cost housing, universal health care and quality educational opportunities in Michigan;
--and just recently to provide a legal basis for the continuation by the Bush administration of torture against detainees who have no right to challenge allegations made against them in a court of law.

Who does Stabenow really represent? Does she speak and act in the interest of the people of this state or for those of big business and the pentagon? A true people's alternative is needed and David Sole is bringing this message to our beleagured state.

Sole is a longtime civil rights, anti-war and pro-working class fighter who currently serves as president of the UAW Local 2334 based in Detroit. He is not a professional politician and has a proven track record of working for the interests of the people for decades. Sole is taking his message throughout the state of Michigan with tours of metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint, and Lansing as well as the western and northern regions of Michgan and the upper peninsula.

The candidate is available for interviews with media outlets throughout the state. Demonstrators in Grand Rapids and Detroit will provide journalists with detailed information on the Sole for Senate campaign.

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