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Gisele Mandaila-Malamba, Secretary of State For Belgium


1969: naisance in Congo (DRC)
1981: arrival in Belgium
1985: adhesion with the PS
1992: member of the PRL of Ixelles
graduat in marketing, post-graduat in management of company (ULB)
1998: member of the FDF
2000: candidate FDF on the List (PRL-FDF-indép.) of the Burgomaster with Etterbeek; elected
2000: collaborator at the Parliament of the French Community (section FDF)
2003: candidate FDF on the list MR. with the legislative elections (13th effective with the Room for Brussels-Hal-Vilvorde)
delegated FDF to the relationships to the African community
2004: candidate FDF on the list MR. with the regional elections of Brussels (not elected)
2004 (July): federal Secretary of State to the family

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (reached page 12/04/2003)

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(reached 17/05/2003)

I plead for the participation of all the populations established in Brussels in the public life. But this participation must be done in the respect of the law. I refuse the rise of the extremism and the integrisms. I want a peaceful coexistence between all, which finds its base in justice, the tolerance and mutual comprehension.

My achievements
Communal and active adviser within many religious and social organizations, in particular related to the African community, I worked with the following objectives:
- councils as regards employment, of housing, school orientation and administrative steps;
- the promotion of the African culture;
- the participation in the projects supporting the dialogue between the cultures;
- the support for the projects of development and the economic missions and humanitarians in central Africa.

My engagements
- to be a hyphen enters the African community, all the communities and the authorities;
- to fight against the emergence of school-ghettos and school unhooking;
- to fight against all forms of discrimination at the time of recruitment;
- to support the elimination of illiteracy of the foreign parents and their mastery of the French language;
- to promote respectful living conditions of human dignity, in particular with regard to the access to housing;
- to defend the rights of the French-speaking people and the minorities.

To contact the candidate
Address 20/11, avenue of Maelbeek 1040 Brussels
GSM 0496 71 74 11
Internet site


Gisele Mandaila, Congolese of origin, Belgian political woman

By Cyrille Nono

This article is the first of a series in two shutters devoted to Gisele Mandaila.

This first shutter is devoted to the political shutter, the second with his social activities.

Do you introduce Gisele Mandaila?

I have a graduat in marketing, a post-graduat in management of company obtained with ULB (note: Free university of Belgium) and I continue also a licence (control) in sciences of work, specialization orientation, transition and staff training which I will obtain the next year. This formation is in right-hand side on line with my political and communal responsibilities.

And which is your origin?

I am originating in Congo and I arrived to Belgium in 1981. I am area of Bandoundou in the south-west of the country but I grew in Kinshasa until the 11 years age. I know Kinshasa well but unfortunately a little less my area of origin.

Summers you returned often since then?

My first true return was carried out in 1996 at the time of my training course of end of studies which I carried out with BRALIMA (note: Important brewery of the country). Since then, I return rather often in particular within the framework of a ASBL (note: association) which opens in Kinshasa and Congo. I hope that we will speak again about it presently.

Of course, but above all, you are initially a political woman…

Yes but both go hand in hand in my spirit. It is often said that in fact the policies make the humanitarian and the humanitarians make of the policy, in particular to lead to their ends.

Then, how did you arrive from there at the policy?

A few years should be gone up behind when I was 13 years old. At the time of a course in class of 5th, a professor had asked us to make a study on a given country (on all the plans policy, economic, etc). it was also at the time of the war of Lebanon and I was challenged by this country and the reasons which justified such a war.

I ended well on up understanding later that the religious beliefs were one of the principal motivations but I wanted to go beyond: with my father, we were interested then in Africa and the magazine Jeune Africa - that my father bought systematically I was even more interested in the political analysis and the newspaper of 20h.

It is rather unusual for a girl at this age…

Not, I do not have the impression. In any case here in Europe, that has me the air running relatively. I can to even say you that I was impassioned by the French policy than the Belgian policy. And to be frank, my model was François Mitterrand besides.


Yes but while growing, I frankly more was interested in the local businesses in Belgium and I learned with better deciphering the meanders of the Belgian policy although it is far from being obvious! I thus adhered to the PS (Left socialist) as of the 16 years age without however in being member since I was minor besides. I went simply to the political meetings.

I imagine you went there to follow the trace of your model?

Yes completely, I idealized on this party. Antiracism, solidarity, etc But once at the university, I was quickly disappointed because the acts were in manifest shift with the theory in particular in the field of the integration of the minorities, the integration of the African community in particular. I was all the more disappointed and frustrated that the Socialists were with the capacity and that the things had not astrée that the Socialists were with the capacity and that the things did not seem to advance truly. From there, it was not difficult for me to be sensitive to the requests of the “liberals” the more so as they were less hypocritical on their intentions.

For example, for the liberals, it was clear: one wants to go well to Africa if there is an interest. You understand that me with a training of economist, I include/understand perfectly a political movement which puts before a rather gain-gaining exchange than to make not held promises. I thus joined the liberals the more so as I arrived there as a pionnière.

Was the reception there for as much easy?

Not whole. But you know, it is unceasingly necessary to fight in the life, I am one beating and I do not like the facility too curiously either. It should be said that I arrived in a “gain-gaining” state of mind where I did not believe too much in the promises. And to be honest, it is necessary to say that at the time, a turning in the liberal wing took place for more humanity, more opening and I believe that I benefitted from it.

Do you have a mentor on your arrival? Somebody who guided your steps?

It was not Louis Michel in any case (note: the Belgian Minister for the Foreign Affairs and charismatic leader of the French-speaking liberal wing) for the simple reason which I evolved/moved on a local level. One can consider my president of section at the time (1992), Albert demeuters, burgomaster of Ixelles at the time, played a great part at the beginning of my political career. Influential member of the PRL, it was equipped with a very great charisma.

However, the FDF, another component of the liberal movement fished out me and since 1998, I started to gain in influence thanks to my standpoint on the topics of youth, the sporting life, the social life. What is interesting is that the topics in question were not estampillés subjects “black”.

Thus I was established in Etterbeek, in Brussels and the adventure really started then.

The first great moment of your political course was the local elections of 2000

Yes completely and I was elected while preceding aldermen (note of the communal advisers) who had already a long electoral tradition. I acknowledge that it was a great reason for pride.

I imagine!!! Which was your score?

I obtained 360 votes out of 18000 people registered in the commune knowing that there are several candidates by list and that there are as many lists as parties.

Of what does consist the trade to advise communal?

One makes primarily interpellations compared to what occurs in the commune. One goes up information near the aldermen on what goes or does not go in the commune. For example, if a budget must be voted, one intervenes by giving his point of view. It is well a role of advising communal!

Is this activity remunerated?

One receives attendance fees each time we attend a meeting of the council. Theoretically once a month. One receives 125 Euros rough of attendance fee. But I have another personal mandate within the police force which is a little of the same order but which is more targeted on the organization of the police force.

Will the other great stage have been the legislative elections of last May 18? How do you analyze your performances and which are your objectives in the future?

Initially, it should be noted that they are national elections where there is the most visibility. Thus the process of selection of the candidates within the party is more rigorous and more difficult. One is obliged to pass by a vote. My first success was to be elected within the party to be present on these lists.

Then, I sensitized my community during the countryside on the fact that it must be visible. I wanted to be the relay between this community in Brussels and the authorities.

Lastly, I was once again agreeably surprised by the results. Of course, I knew that were not going to be elected federal sénatrice, one in general needs 10.000 votes, it is the business of the large sizes. My objective was not so much to be elected, but to be able to weigh in my own party for the nearest elections, the regional elections. In fact, it is a barometer in my party bus with the score which I obtained I am able to hope for to be elected deputy frankly.

Which was the score?

I hoped to make 1500 votes and I carried out 3336 votes. I am the 2nd candidate of African extraction all left confused behind Mr. Mampaka the CDH which made 3338 votes (either except for 2 votes).

You are also deputy of your party to the African businesses of the FDF? Of what does consist T it? bond with Africa or the community based here?

Not it is before all the relationships to the African community based here. But you know, we have initially a problem of visibility. This visibility starts where we live. From the moment when we will have more visibility in our sphere, we will be able to influence the decisions taken on the continent.

But you are the capacity, to Louis Michel, your leader is a Foreign Minister, therefore in relation to the continent. Up to what point, this bond T it profits you?

It is a considerable support. Already, I must recognize, I also owe my good score with the fact that I am related with his list (note: Gisele Mandaila and Louis Michel were candidates on the same list MR. - Louis Michel enjoys an enormous popularity in Belgium where he is the politician more appreciated). Then, I am in relation to his collaborators very often and I always had the opened large door.

Gisele Mandaila: the social aspect

By Cyrille Nono

You are also member of an association, Gisele…

I am member of a asbl “Dunia action” (Dunia in swahili wants to say the world, therefore the world in action). I am a trésorière and spokesman of Asbl. Dunia action deals with the rehabilitation of the hospitals with the level of Africa. We started in Congo and we hope to continue with other African countries, in particular with Nigeria.

Which is the origin of the idea?

Our president dealt with the prostitutes of Brussels resulting from sub-Saharan immigration thanks to an association “spaces P - AIDS prevention”. During one of its visits with Kinshasa, it carried out the need for helping the local patients through the rehabilitation of the hospitals or the orphanages. In Kinshasa for example, one deals already with two orphanages.

And how are you financed?

There are not subsidies in any case! In fact, we simply will strike with all the doors: orphanages, hospital, pharmacies, etc It should be known that here in Belgium, the hospitals downgrade most of their material like the beds every three years, then rather than to send them to breakage, we try to recover a certain number which we consider besides always in good condition. We thus try to collect them.

We have liberally thanks to the commune of Etterbeek a hangar to store our collections resulting from all Belgium besides (I thank here the commune who grant to us one year authorizations renewable each year). Logistics (the transport of the material to our hangar) is carried out thanks to the contests of the various communal houses like that of Auderghem, schaerbeek, Etterbeek (note: these communes are located in the periphery of Brussels).

For the routing in Congo, we are often based on the Belgian ministry of defense in order to benefit from their official missions (in Congo for example) to abroad insert our cargo.

Lastly, we work in close cooperation with asbl like “any heart, has any heart” which proposes solidarity between the people. We will deliver for example together this July, up to 300 tons of material at the hospitals of Kinshasa, Boma and of Matadi.

To finish, in Congo, we try to sensitize the local authorities to facilitate transport to us for example material of the airport towards the hospitals. I want to thank here Madam besides the Pond for Boma which promised to us to help ourselves for the operation of this July.

Some figures to locate your association? Creation date? A number of people?

One exists since 2001. We are ten active people, plus thirteen people in and the biensur board of directors of many sympathizers who help us as they can and when they can.

Which is the frequency of your sendings?

We sent three series of material per annum until now.

Is it possible to make sure that the material arrives at good port?

Already with each sending, there is at least a person of the team which moves. In more being Belgian, we try to associate the operation the embassy of Belgium, a large organization like Caritas in addition to the media for the cover of the events and to ensure that a maximum number of the people know about the operations.

Other countries envisaged?

Yes Mali and Nigeria are on the list. The process is the same one; our president always within the framework of space P made there a location and after we let us can send material near the well identified hospitals.

Today, of what have to you more the need?

One needs all! subsidies but it is complicated for the moment because our project is intended for Africa and it would have been easier if the object of association were directed towards the Belgian territory. But let us work there we. One also needs voluntary to pack the material, to classify documents, etc short any help or contribution is the welcome.

How can one make to contact you?

Two contacts: Mrs. Ngafani or Mrs. Gisele Mandaila with the Tel.: +32 (0) 476 33 29 63, +32 (0) 496 71 74 11
Our contacts emails: or

On isn't a personal level, it too difficult to reconcile all these activities?

It is more difficult often in the glance of the others. I remember that during a radio transmission, a listener clearly said me to turn over to the furnaces and that my place was over there rather than on the estrades. Thus I want to also prove with these people whom one can make of the policy while remaining a woman and especially while remaining a woman i.e. to grant a place to his family life and private.
And then, we have colleagues, a president of party who assume perfectly their role of woman, mother and political leader. It is thus feasible without any doubt at least here in Europe.
Therefore, I also take it as a personal combat with respect to the Africans (men as women) who have still evil to accept it.

A message to conclude our maintenance…?

I will ask people to engage some is the place where they are. It is necessary to think of building where we are at least for the benefit of the future generations. I regard our generation as a sacrificed generation. Me, my greater pride would be than in ten years for example, one can have deputies resulting from our community. Once this reached stage, we could sensitize the young people, of the continent for example, in their saying that it is necessary to work unceasingly and not systematically not to wait until the assistance comes from outside.
Therefore, one should not hesitate to engage in the public institutions, with making well the trade which we have the chance to achieve.
The music and the American model are certainly attractive but it cannot be enough alone. Thus do not hesitate to take part in the Community life of your city, your area, your country because some share if you do not take part in the Community life, it will be difficult for you to assert something. And this is valid besides in all the fields!

Thank you Gisele Mandaïla.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- site of marketing year 2004 of MR. (reached page 19/04/04)

Gisele MANDAILA MALAMBA - 19th effective in Brussels

Address function
Avenue of Maelbeek
1040 Etterbeek

Telephone: 0496/717411

My minis CV
Profession: Accountant
Formation: Graduat in MARKETNG +1 Licence in sciences of work (last year)
Date of birth: 04/09/1969
Marital status: single person
Current competences: To advise communal and Advise of police force
Matters of predilection: Youth, family and employment
Center interest: I like the culture and more particularly the participation in the projects supporting the dialogue between the cultures

Sentences which say more…
If I am elected, I will work to eliminate all forms from discrimination, ignorance and to defend the rights of the Inhabitants of Brussels.
I engage in policy because it is the place where the great decisions of the company are caught and I want to take part in it.
For me, the great challenges are the reduction in unemployment, the fight against discrimination, the housing and the promotion of the quality of life in Brussels.
If I could change the world, I would fight to eliminate any form from racism.
It in what I believe more, it is with the emergence of a new political community nearer to the population.
If I were to define me in three words, I would say beating, generous and (very) realistic.
My professional career
2000: collaborator at the Parliament of the French Community (section FDF)
2001 at September 2002: Help countable at EUROPCAR
November 2002 at January 2003: Help Comptable at PHARMA BELGIUM
April 2003 at May 2003: Accountant at LOXAM
My 3 political achievements
The Councils as regards employment, of housing and school orientation
Participation in the projects supporting the dialogue between the cultures
Promotion of a school of the duties for the underprivileged children
My political projects
To fight against the emergence of the schools ghettos and school unhooking in Brussels
To defend the rights of the French-speaking people and the minorities
To fight against all forms of discrimination at the time of recruitment
To support the elimination of illiteracy of the foreign parents and their mastery of the French language

You wish to take part in my countryside?
Contact Christian MABIKA to the 0486/316.050.

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hortensia said...

It is an inspiration to see such a young lady from Africa to stand up for everyone regardless their race.
Especially in Belgium where everything seems twisted and doors are closed to immigrant even when immigrant are willing to make positive contribution in Belgium. Is it because Belgian were worst immigrant in their colony that why their mechanism of defence is sadly inappropriate?