Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When I'm 64: Jimi Hendrix Birthday Marked by Estate's Blocking of Music Sale

PANW Editor's Note: Jimi Hendrix would have been 64 years old today. He was born on November 27, 1942 in Seattle, Washington. He died on September 18, 1970 in London, England. Below are updates on some issues involving his legacy and estate.
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Hendrix Estate Blocks Music Sale

United Press International reports that a strongly disputed $15 million sale of Jimi Hendrix's songs has been temporarily blocked by a New York judge.

Manhattan Federal Court Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that the multi-million dollar sale of song rights by former Hendrix manager Michael Jeffrey would remain blocked until details of the controversial sale can be determined, the New York Daily News said.

Jeffrey, who died in a plane crash in 1973, had agreed to sell the rights to an anonymous buyer through Ocean Tomo Auctions last month, and some of Hendrix's relatives fought the sale by claiming the rights were actually theirs.

The dispute was originally determined in 1973 when Jeffrey was given the rights to Hendrix's 33 master recordings contingent on a $50,000 payment to the singer's family.

The Daily News reported that such a payment was never made and to date that required total payment, that could end the ongoing legal battle, amounts to $725,868.

New Jimi Hendrix Fashion Line to Make Debut

The late rock legend Jimi Hendrix is set to lend his name and famous fashion sense to a fashion line which is due to hit the catwalks this autumn.

One of the greatest guitarists in rock and roll often took to the stage in eccentric threads and was a leading figure in the psychedelic era.

The Jimi Hendrix Collection, which is being launched by his sister Janie, will include high-end leather jackets and handbags.

The collaboration between Ms Hendrix, designer Gina Alexander and rock photographer Robert M Knight, premiered at the Project Show in New York last week.

Ms Alexander announced that the line would consist of five jackets and12 designer handbags, which will feature a rare image of the musician.

"With this line, we're giving the Jimi Hendrix name something stylish and couture, and not just another T-shirt," Ms Alexander remarks.

Ms Hendrix, who is president of Experience Hendrix, comments that fans have been asking for this high-end fashion for a while and now there are more women fans.

JIMI HENDRIX Isle of Wight Statue Tribute May Have To Be Removed - Nov. 24, 2006

Clare Wall of Isle of Wight County Press reports:

Planners will soon have to decide whether or not the Jimi Hendrix statue (photo) outside Dimbola Lodge, Freshwater, can stay.

Managers of the attraction have advertised its planning application today (Friday, Nov. 24) to retain the bronze statue, its hardstanding and steps, which were unveiled in June.

In September Dimbola heard from the IW Council that it would have to apply for permission to retain the statue, even though initial assessments by the IW Council indicated it would be allowed to remain.

If councillors vote against retaining the statue, erected as a tribute to Hendrix's performance at the 1970 Afton festival, it will have to be removed.

Read more at http://www.iwcp.co.uk.

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