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Gang Leader's Confession Exonerates Imam Jamil al-Amin (formerly known as H. Rap Brown)

Islamic Leader Praises Confession on Imam Jamil

As Salaamu Alaikum
In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Mercy-Giving. As to what follows...

This letter of confession on Imam Jamil should be on the front page of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and sent to Oprah, as well as The Final Call, Muslim Journal, Horizon Magazine, Minaret, Al Talib, etc. Ya Sheikh. Who is leading this campaign? Shukran for your great work.

Gang Leader in U.S. Prison Says he Shot the Policemen Imam Jamil is Accused For

U.S. Government arrested Imam Jamil as Part of Conspiracy to "Get" the Islamic Leader

The Confession:

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

In the name of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation, I am as I come as I am I come Almighty Vice lord.

I greet you all in Peace. I’m the Spiritual son of the Honorable Dr. Yusuf Ali Bey founder of Your Black Muslim Bakery Inc. In Oakland, CA. My name is Farrakhan Malik Bey AKA Otis M. Jackson AKA James Santos. I’m the head of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation as well as the Chairman of the New Student National Coordinating Committee. It was this organization that sent me to the mosque and the general store of Imam Jamil Abdul Al-Amin. I went there to talk to him about me taking the Almighty Vice Lords from a street organization to a socially conscious, self-help, socially motivated organization

Now before going to Atlanta I had just gotten out of prison in NV for shooting a white man. As a kid I lived not far from the west end, so when I came back to Atlanta I went there but with the mind of a minister and a heart for revolution.

When I got to Oak street on 3-16-2000 at about 10.00 PM, as I was walking back to my car, a Sheriff’s came up. One got out and ask me something. I could not understand but I did not want to understand it because Vice Lords don’t talk to cops and I had guns on me and I was on parole. So when the other one got out and asked me to put my hands up, I pulled out and opened fire with my 9 mm hand gun.

I then went to my car and got my M-14 and fired off some rounds. Deputy Kinchen shot me two times in the arm so I shot him. I shot Deputy English as well . I remember standing over him and him telling me about his family but I was upset and hurt and I hate cops so I shot him anyway. I got in my car, went to the home of Latina Moore.

She along with Sheryl Watts removed the bullet. One went in and came out. The one that was in there, they got it out. I went home, on the 17th or 18th I found out that they were looking for Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin. So I called my parole officer and told her what I had done.

I was sent back to Vegas. I had to beg the FBI to investigate and I was told that I was not the one that they wanted. I was told that I should be honored that I had gotten away with killing a police. Truth can be said to symbolize divinity. Truth is the foundation of everything that is just. It is what man is constantly seeking. But truth is impossible to define. All of us look at everything differently. We are conditioned by our environment, associates and education. All of us look at life through restricted windows. No two people see exactly the same thing at the same time.

Deputy Aldranon English can free Jamil because he knows Jamil is not the man who shot him. Everything that he said Jamil had on is what I had on. I talked to him. I looked into his eyes. He cannot forget that. The department for whatever reason asked him to pick out Jamil and he did.

Look, I like living. I have nothing to gain from telling a lie and I don’t even know Jamil. I’m doing this for myself and my Nation the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. I want them to know that when you end up in a situation, you should own up to what you do. Not one of Jamil’s criminal defense lawyers have come to see me because they are a part of what is being done to him..

Imam Warith Deen Muhammad, Minister Louis Farrakhan and Silis Muhammad all have their own paper. They are around the same age as Jamil. They remember him as H. Rap Brown but he has gotten no writing in their papers, yet they talk about Muslim unity: let’s come together! All that is just talk. Here is a man that you know to be living the life of a Muslim telling you that he did not do something. Here is a man telling you that the man could not have done it because he did it. You should do everything in your power to help them fix this.

Judge Stephanie B. Manis should have called me in to court but she never did. I sent letters and I was declined the right, so now I feel that I have been used in a government conspiracy because I know that he was not even there that night. What is factual to one, won’t be to another, so it is with symbolism each will see something different and rightly so. In the Masonic Lodge we say that we are seeking light. We are actually seeking truth. . Therefore light symbolizes truth. I feel that it is my job to bring this truth to light.

The Persecution and Prosecution is mine, not Jamil’s . I could never say that I am from the street and have the Vice Lords look up to me if I run from my Punishment and let an innocent man die in jail for something that I did. It’s not right and the Vice Lords should never honor me if I don’t stand up for what I do.

I would like to say to the family of Deputy Ricky Kinchen when he got out of bed that day, God had it set that he was not coming home that night. I only did what I had to do.

Deputy Aldranon English I have no respect for you because you fingered a man that had nothing to do with shooting you and you know that. You are part of the conspiracy. You worked with a man every day and he was killed because you made mistakes. Then you let the man who did it walk because you were told to. You are weak, less than a man. You were laying down begging for your life and I shot you. Had it been up to me, you would have died as well. I can’t tell you to do the right thing. I say look at the situation. I ask all the Vice Lords to respect my wish to open this case. I ask that any and every one do what they can to help Jamil.

And to Mr. Al-Amin and his family, I’m sorry that I got you in this. I know that it’s hard to be sitting in another man’s seat. I’m so sorry!

Respectfully yours
Farrakhan Bey

Ma'a Salaams wa Shukran Jazillin wa BarakAllah-fikum

(510) 839-5400

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