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Afeni Shakur Responds to the Attacks on the Tupac Center for the Arts

Afeni Shakur Responds to the Attacks on the Tupac Center for the Arts

First I have to mention the incident at the Tupac Center for the Arts. We have received many emails from ‘souljahs’ offering to go to the Center and stand guard in shifts. One ‘souljah’ even offered his guard dogs to patrol the area.

I even received an email about Afeni Shakur’s statement. They wanted to know how a strong black woman, and a ex panther like Afeni Shakur could ‘forgive’ those who are responsible for such an act toward Tupac, Afeni and the Center.

That got me thinking, because when I first heard the news I was ready to go too – I was mad --- BUT --- the more I thought on it I understand that what Afeni Shakur is showing us is MATURITY.

With the life she has lead she has learned many things along the way and as it should be with any ‘elder’ we should listen, learn and be inspired by her thinking.

Sometimes showing forgiveness or ‘some form of luv’ toward those who would like to or who have offended you makes you the stronger person. Just think if we could have those feelings with us all the time. When things get a lil crazy in the street and something pops off. How many of us would still be here with us if they or the other person involved showed a lil love or mercy?

I know all the fans of Tupac and many others in the communities where outraged and mad at those involved – BUT I must applaud Afeni Shakur for here statement and her strength in these times; and we can all learn from her. Know we know where Pac got alot of his spirit from.

Some emails said that if Pac was here he would be ‘bustin on them fools’. I really do not believe that. Pac would have had one heck of a press conference and maybe dropped another hit em up type song BUT if you really think Tupac Shakur would have started ‘bustin on them fools’ (shooting), then you really don’t understand the man Tupac Shakur.

Please don’t fall for the okie dokie and the mainstream ‘twisting’ of the man Tupac Shakur. Remember even Pac said during an interview during the trial in New York “Don’t get it twisted. That ain’t my life. I am making records. I am a business man”.

And also remember the ‘gangsta Pac’ that everyone pushes – was the Death Row era Tupac and he was only at the Row for 9 months. He had a whole live of accomplishments before Death Row.

Sure Pac has some of the hardest gangsta rap tracks out there – they are part of his legacy. He was multi talented. He also has some great hip hop tracks out there. Remember Pac was a street souljah, it spoke on many important issues and exposed many important issues and believed in many important issues. So lets not think we know what Tupac would do and believe in what his mother is trying to show us by example.

I have mad respect for Afeni Shakur and for all she and entire AMARU camp does in the name of Tupac and what they do for us as the culture of hip hop. Think of it this way – if Afeni was the type to get mad and hold grudges and want revenge – she would hate hip hop and everything associated with it – after all hip hop took her son from her.

We probably will never know the who’s or why’s behind the death of Tupac, but Afeni Shakur does not hold her loss against us and that to is an example of her loving spirit. So PLEASE do not judge her – watch her, listen to her and learn.

Here is Afeni’s statement in case you need to read it again:

"We thank everyone for their prayers and support. Although our hearts are temporarily in pain, our spirits have already forgiven the perpetrators. Hate comes in all colors and genders therefore we will use this act of hate and ignorance to bring our community together and to pray for the healing of those who harbor such feelings. With God's guidance, the work of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts and Peace Garden will continue to positively impact and transform our community."

Ok so if you still want to do something make a donation to help put a fence around the Center. Here is information on how to do that:

The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation is now in the process of raising money to construct a fence around the parameters of the Center to prevent these types of incidents from occurring again.

Donations can be sent to TASF, 5616 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30083 or at
The TASF Web Site
And at

One other Tupac Amaru Shakur Center

The Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts will kick off its 2nd Bi-Annual Film Screening with a re-dedication service of the Peace Garden on Saturday, November 10, 2007 at 1:00 PM. Following the service will be a film screening and panels from film industry experts. Both events are free to the public.
Ok now that we all have something to think about, here is the latest on Thug Life Army Records project ‘In The Shadow of an Icon”.

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Give the first single, K-Loron – Speed of Life a listen and let me know what ya think. The second single will be dropped and serviced to radio shortly. The second single is Hustle Creed – We Live and We Die. So watch for it also.

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The album will be distributed thru Fontana/Universal/AMG on Thug Life Army Records. The album will be available for digital download on Itunes, Umusic and all other download sources November 13th. In stores nationwide January 15th 2008

The project contains no music by Tupac (2Pac), but it does reveal artists who grew out of the shadow of the hip hop Icon.

As Tupac did in his short life, Thug Life Army Records looked for hip hop and rap artists who could use a ‘hand up’ to get their talent noticed. The VP of Thug Life Army Records, RB says “We hope this project will do just that. Our hope is this project will bring ‘light’ to those artists who have participated out of love for Tupac and what they learned from his lyrics. Hip Hop is not ‘Dead’ as many people believe; most people are just not looking in the right places.”

When asked about the artists on the CD RB explains “On the project there will be some artists names that you will recognize, while others may be new to you; but the artists represented on the CD ‘In the Shadow of an Icon’ are some of the best conscious hip hop and rap representatives from all over North America – ‘Coast’ to ‘Coast’ and Canada.”

When asked about the direction the music takes in the CD, RB explains “The various sides and teachings of the ‘man’, Tupac Amaru Shakur are represented on this CD - from his street side, to his political side, to his deep inner self. A total look is taken at the course Tupac had traveled in his short life. A picture of Tupac’s life is a picture of many of our lives. His up’s and down’s are roads many of us have shared along the way. That is why Tupac gained the respect of almost everyone in the hip hop community - we could feel his pain and joys, as he felt ours. His words and teachings remain relevant today because the situation has not changed since Pac first started exposing the real truth of hood life, and the artists on this project continue with Pac’s message of ‘keeping it real’ thru real talk. No spinning rims or drinking in the club, just solid true about the reality of being raised in a society that does not understand you or your situation.”

“Violence has touched many in this country, not only the hip hop community. This is not only a requiem for the life of Tupac and for all the fallen ‘souljahs’ who have died needlessly or have found themselves in situations they cannot control, but it also emphasizes why the lyrics that Tupac spit and the knowledge he put forth is still relevant today; because nothing has really changed over the last 11 years since Tupac was murdered, and the artists on this project came together to put out a hip hop album with a ‘meaningful message’.”

With over 25 different artists participating in the project, there are many backgrounds and each artist has their own region where they rep from and their own experiences in life.

The official ‘leak’ song titled ‘Speed of Life’ by K-Loron, was released on MySpace. This is the first single off the album. It along with the second single ‘We Live and We Die’ by Hustle Creed will be serviced to radio nationwide in the weeks to come. Everyone who has heard the track by K-Loron loves it and they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the full project.

Here is the track list for ‘In the Shadow of an Icon’ and more information can be found at The Shadow of an Icon on MySpace or on the Thug Life Army Records web site . The album will be distributed thru Fontana/Universal/AMG on Thug Life Army Records. The album will be available for digital download on Itunes, Umusic and all other on line sources November 13th. In stores nationwide January 15th 2008.

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quisa said...

Thank you for your article. So many people dont know Pac. They are glamorizing something that Pac hated. I am begging us all to remember Tupac before he got shot hear the words and the wisdom then listen to Me Against the World play All Eyes On Me go buy Makaveli- Understand his plan and his vision, but dont corrupt his memory with that "Gangster Rapper" talk. Pac was a THUG NOT A GANGSTER HE DID NOT SELL DRUGS HE WAS NOT A KILLER."I ANIT A KILLA, BUT DONT PUSH ME". PAC WAS NOT A RAPIST. TUPAC WAS THE MALCOLM X OF THE 90'S. Let him who have ears hear!