Monday, October 22, 2007

DCAPB Calls For Halt to Privatization of Police

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DCAPB Calls For Halt to Privatization of Police Through Proposed Secondary Employment Ordinance

The City of Detroit is proposing that Detroit police
officers be allowed to work for private individuals

The Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality
believes this set a very dangerous precedent.

Given the history of Detroit police officer shootings
of citizens, even while off-duty, the Coalition
argued against this proposed policy at 10:45 this
morning at the Detroit City Council meeting on the
13th floor of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center.

The Detroit City Council also heard from Detroit
Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings today as well as members
of the Detroit Police Commission regarding this proposed
secondary employment plan ("moonlighting") for Detroit
police officers.

This proposed new policy is tantamount to privatizing
police services. While it is the opinion of the
Coalition that police officers should have the
opportunity to make additional income in
non-police-related activities, the current proposal
sets a potentially dangerous precedent which could
result in injury, death and liability for the citizens
of the City of Detroit.

Finally, 40% of Detroit police officers are
non-residents and may very well take their secondary
employment outside of the city; this mitigates against
their ability and readiness to serve as "first
responders" should the City need to take action in a
city-wide emergency.

We would like for you and your organization to let
members of the Detroit City Council know that a public
hearing on this matter is in order before any
decisions are made regarding this administrative
policy change. If you agree with the Coalition's
position, please let the Detroit City Council know!

Here is a link to the Detroit City Council website,
where you can e-mail or phone council members:

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DPD~BLUES said...

I dont believe that the secondary employment would be in the suburbs, just city.