Thursday, May 28, 2009

Detroit Action Alert: Emergency Demonstration at Bank of America, May 29; Fred Hampton Film Screening, May 30, etc.

Five items in this email:

1. Stop Eviction by Countrywide - Call Now
2. Emergency Demonstration at Bank of America - Friday, May 29, Noon
3. Help make Tent City Detroit a success - Request for donations (money and in-kind)
4. People's Summit planning meeting, Sat, May 30 2 PM
5. Film showing fundraiser, Friday, May 29, 7 PM, 5920 Second Ave.

1.) Michelle Hart and her elderly mother, who is being treated for pancreatic cancer, WILL BE HOMELESS ON JUNE 1, 2009, FROM AN EVICTION BYBANK OF AMERICA AND COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS IF YOU DON'T HELP!

Michelle Hart, as with many borrowers, was placed in an ARM loan by Countrywide resulting in a dramatic increase in her mortgage payment. When Ms. Hart sought modification assistance she was refused, even after explaining about her mother’s illness.

Bank of America and Countrywide were given $45 billion dollars in federal bailout money, with another $125 billion in loans guaranteed by the government. Based on their receipt of TARP funds, they are required to assist borrowers with loan modifications. They are under contract to modify loans under President Obama’s Making Homes Affordable program. Countrywide is also under a consent judgment in Michigan to modify loans because of their predatory practices.

Despite all this, Countrywide and their parent, Bank of America, have refused to help Ms. Hart and her mother. Bank of America and Countrywide are evicting Ms. Hart and her disabled, ill mother with your tax dollars. Stop This Eviction Now!!!!

YOU CAN HELP--CALL BANK OF AMERICA CEO KEN LEWIS AT (704) 386-5687 AND TELL THEM TO KEEP MICHELLE HART AND HER MOTHER IN THEIR HOME. The address is 27685 Sutherland, Southfield, MI 48076 and Loan No. is 1380009372


Vanessa G. Fluker
Vanessa G. Fluker, Esq., PLLC
2920 East Jefferson, Suite 101
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 393-6005-ph
(313) 393-6007-fax
2.) Emergency Demonstration at Bank of America
STOP the EVICTION of MICHELLE HART and her ill, disabled mother
500 Griswold, Detroit
(one block west of Woodward, between Congress and Griswold)
Friday, May 29, 12 Noon

3.) Request for donations


Preparations for the Peoples’ Summit/Tent City in Detroit June 14-17 continue. A permit has been granted by City Council. Many groups are participating with literature tables and tents. Groups from around the country are coming. (see

We need many things to make this an organized success. Here is a short list. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. Arrange to drop off your donated supplies by calling me at 313-680-5508:

-Bottled Water
-Food (we will be serving 2 meals a day at Grand Circus Park) – canned foods, other non-perishable food items.
-Coffee, tea, sugar, creamer, coffee stirrers
-Paper plates, Styrofoam bowls, plastic spoons, paper towel, plastic or Styrofoam cups, garbage bags
-MONEY – to help rent the porta-potties (our most expensive item! - $70 per day each)–send donations to MORATORIUM NOW COALITION, 5920 Second Avenue, Detroit 48202.

We also need medical personnel (nurses, doctors, EMT’s) who can staff the medical tent any times from Sunday, June 14 at noon to Wed. June 17.

Volunteers for set up, security, clean up crews, food cooking and serving are also needed. You can check in at the Registration Table at Grand Circus Park anytime you get to the Tent City or call me at 313-680-5508 to discuss what you can and want to do.

Thank you – David Sole for the Peoples' Summit Logistics Committee


4. The next planning meeting for the People's Summit and Tent City will be this Saturday, May 30, at 2 PM.

The meeting will be at the MCHT Building, (formerly the Kresge Eye Institute), 2727 Second Ave, Detroit. Enter parking lot on Temple between Second and Third, building entrance is in the rear – one block west of Masonic Temple.

Everyone is welcome.

5.) People's Summit Fundraiser and Discussion
Film showing: "The Murder of Fred Hampton"Friday, May 29, 7 PM
5920 Second Ave.
Suggested donation: $5

In The Murder Of Fred Hampton, currently in re-release on DVD, director Mike Gray and the Chicago Film Group Collective chronicle the brief but extraordinary life of 21 year old Hampton, executed as he slept on December 4th, 1969, along with other Panthers during a brutal home invasion by a special unit of Chicago police tied to the State Attorney's office. Despite an elaborate coverup by police insisting that that they fired 99 bullets and left Hampton's brains splattered across his mattress in 'self-defense,' movement lawyers, as documented in this devastating film, proved otherwise. This people's investigation challenging at the same time Nixon Administration repression and Cointelpro, resulted in the indictment of several Chicago police, the State Attorney for Northern Illinois, and his assistants.

The Murder Of Fred Hampton illuminates the magnetic fervor, militant eloquence, and sheer infectious ideological energy of 'living high on the people,' that Chairman Fred embodied, much like Malcolm. And it was that threat to the state and the status quo, a combination of political rage transcending fear and the passionate pursuit of broad popular unity against social and economic injustice, that invoked Hampton's valiant iconic immortality and also abrupt victimhood. Rendering The Murder Of Fred Hampton a visual and oral blueprint of cautionary wisdom and mass inspiration.

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