Sunday, June 21, 2009

People's Summit A Success--The Need For Continuing Support


The People’s Summit and Tent City in Detroit’s Grand Circus Park June 14-17 was a great success. (Go to
and click on blog at the top to read
many fuller accounts, news reports and see many photos).

The big businessmen and bankers gathered at the GM Ren Cen to continue plotting against the poor and working people had to face hundreds of protesters on Tuesday and Wednesday right at their door!

The media was forced to reveal that there is organized opposition to the economic program that is giving everything to the rich while layoffs, hunger and homelessness get worse. But we didn’t just demonstrate.

We met continuously for three and a half days in rallies and workshops in Tent City. We got to know each other and our problems. We discussed elements of a real people’s economic program. And we celebrated our diversity in cultural programs every evening.

Tent City succeeded through a real coalition of groups and individuals committed to social and economic justice. Dozens of people brought donations of food before and during the People’s Summit (we fed 200-300 people every night, including many homeless).

A volunteer cooking crew did a heroic job every morning (getting coffee and breakfast to the camp) and every evening with the main meal.

Numerous musical and spoken word artists entertained and educated, volunteering their talents.

Volunteers kept the grounds and porta-johns clean. We provided our own security patrols throughout the day and night around the park.

The entire effort was done by volunteers.

Thanks to all who helped and participated.

But we still need your help to pay for this great event. Please send a
donation today so that we can pay off our debts and continue the fight.

Make checks payable to Moratorium NOW Coalition, 5920 Second Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202. – David Sole

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