Saturday, June 06, 2009

People's Summit to Convene in Detroit, June 14-17

For Immediate Release

Media Advisory

Event: People's Summit & Tent City at Grand Circus Park
Dates: June 14-17, 2009, Four Straight Days of Resistance
Sponsors: Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures & Evictions
Contact: 313.671.3715 or 887.4344

People's Summit To Present Alternative Fightback Program For Economic Recovery: Four Days of Active Resistance to Foreclosures & Evictions, Mass Layoffs, War and Repression

Organizers for the upcoming People's Summit will put forward four days of alternative ideas and strategies for working people and the poor to fightback against the deepening economic crisis engulfing the Detroit area and the United States as a whole. People from this region and throughout the country will gather in Grand Circus Park beginning at Noon on Sunday June 14 where non-stop speeches, workshops, mass demonstrations and cultural presentations will take place.

On Monday evening a mass demonstration will leave Grand Circus Park at 4:00 p.m. and march to the Renaissance Center to confront the National Summit of CEOs and bankers taking place for three days. Our objective is to point out that the corporations and banks responsible for the worst crisis since the Great Depression cannot provide a solution to the problems facing Detroit such as home foreclosures, plant closings, school closings and environmental degredation.

The following day, Tuesday June 16, unemployed autoworkers will lead a demonstration to the Renaissance Center where the CEO of American Axle Richard Dauch is scheduled to address the business summit on the future of manufacturing. Later that day at Grand Circus Park a workshop will be held where workers will discuss strategies for keeping plants open and stopping permanent lay-offs.

The People's Summit has been endorsed by over 40 organizations from Detroit and around the country. People who wish to participate are encouraged to come and pitch a tent and set up a literature table.

Representatives of the People's Summit are available to speak with members of the press. Just contact us at the numbers above and we will be glad to provide interviews and other information on the Summit.

Abayomi Azikiwe
Media Liason, People's Summit

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