Monday, December 28, 2009

China to Aid Cuba With 1.1 Million Irrigation Project

China to aid Cuba with 1.1 million dollar irrigation project


HAVANA — China will aid Cuba with a 1.1 million dollar irrigation project in the communist-run island's Guantanamo province, the Prensa Latina agency reported Monday.

China is one of Cuba's main political allies and its second business partner after Venezuela.

The latest project, including funding from a donation promised by China in 2007, aims to help restore drainage and irrigation systems in the east of the island to improve productivity, the Cuban agency said.

The project, to be overseen by Chinese company Liaoning Zhongyi International Economic and Technical Cooperation, includes the supply of trucks, tractors, trailers and other equipment, the report said.

Trade between Cuba and China represents more than 2.6 billion dollars per year, and China is a key source of credit for the impoverished island.

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