Sunday, December 27, 2009

Resign, Group Tells President Yar'Adua of Nigeria

...Resign, Group Tells Yar'Adua

From Gordi Udeajah, Umuahia
Nigerian Guardian

The Coordinator of Movement For Change In Nigeria (MCN), Chief Sonny Iroche has suggested it was time President Yar'Adua quit office, voluntarily.

In a statement sent to The Guardian, at the weekend, he said: " It is time for President Yar'Adua to take a bow, resign his position as President and attend to his health, in the larger interest of Nigeria ".

"There is no doubt the Office of President and Commander-in-Chief of an emerging economy and a fissiparous country like Nigeria is very challenging, daunting and Herculean for even the healthiest of men; not to talk of a man, who from the onset of his presidency, was known to be ill.

"It is an entirely different matter, if, while in office, he suddenly fell ill. Our President was known to be ill ab initio; even as far back at his days as Governor of Katsina State.

" From our corporate experience and practice, new employees are made to undergo medical tests and are issued with medical certificates before they commence work. Not to talk of the President of a country in dire need of an energetic and focused leadership.

" A Nigerian President, at this time of our history, needs all the energy possible to lead Nigeria out of the doldrums. While our prayers and thoughts are with our President and the country, we strongly advise the President to save the over 150 million Nigerians, Africa and indeed the entire world, by resigning.

He prayed God to give the President the wisdom and enablement to do what is right, adding that when he resigns, the Constitution must take its course.

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