Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ping Seeks Compromise in Madagascar

Ping seeks compromise in Madagascar

By Alain Iloniaina

Antananarivo - The African Union's top diplomat, Jean Ping, opened talks seeking an end to Madagascar's year-long political crisis on Thursday with a call to its feuding leaders to respect last year's power-sharing deals.

An AU document containing compromise proposals and seen by Reuters urged the formation of a consensus government and said the institutions set out in last year's accords "must be established and made operational without delay".

The consensus prime minister, Eugene Mangalaza, who was dismissed by President Andry Rajoelina last month, should be re-appointed, it said, adding that legislative and presidential elections should be held by October.

Two of the four main political movements confirmed they had received the document from Ping. It was not immediately clear whether this was a final compromise or the starting point for negotiations.

Rajoelina, Africa's youngest leader, has in recent weeks torn up a series of internationally brokered power-sharing deals, appointed a military prime minister and is intent on unilaterally organising legislative elections in March.

There are concerns in the opposition and among donor countries that an election hastily organised by a government not recognised internationally will not be free and fair.

"Elections must be held within a time frame that allows for the guarantee of their credibility and transparency," the document said. - Reuters


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rhaj said...

We have to remind always how Andry Rajoelina came to power. Let the images say it:
Take a look at 0:15 to 0:25, when he gave the "go" for the violence.

Another sample of that rogue behavior of these militaries that have backed up Mr Andry Rajoelina :

That is how it all begins. And it has not ended : Mr Andry Rajoelina maintains his "power" through decree, arrestation and violent repression, and censorship. And during all this round of negotiation to resolve the crisis, Mr Andry Rajoelina has shown no respect of his own words and commitments.

... and this must end.