Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zimbabwe Being Punished for Helping the Democratic Republic of Congo

Zim being punished for helping DRC — Ambassador

Herald Reporter

Zimbabwe is being punished by Western countries for helping the Democratic Republic of Congo overpower Western-backed imperialistic efforts to destabilise that country in 1999, DRC ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Mawampanga Mwana Nanga said yesterday.

In an interview, Mr Mwana Nanga said there was no basis for the West to punish Zimbabwe because it did not join the DRC war as a country but as a member of Sadc.

"Zimbabwe is being punished for joining the DRC war because they wanted to split the country into smaller states they can control. If Zimbabwe and other Sadc member states had not joined the war, the situation in the DRC could have been worse than what it is now," he said.

Ambassador Mwana Nanga said Sadc would make collective efforts to block Western acts of double standards in Africa.

"We are going to leave no stone unturned to ensure that Western countries leave Zimbabwe alone. Western countries are actually fuelling conflicts in Africa and this is uncalled for and should be rejected," he said.

Ambassador Mwana Nanga, who is the dean of the diplomatic corps in Zimbabwe, said the Western media were peddling falsehoods about the situation in the country, adding such efforts should be condemned.

He said an estimated 5,4 million people died during the DRC war that was fuelled by Western countries but there was silence over the matter.

"If one white farmer dies in Zimbabwe, it becomes a world issue but many people died during the DRC war and nothing significant is being said about it. What the Western countries are doing now is victimising the victim who should be protected," he said.

Ambassador Mwana Nanga said African problems should be solved by Africans without Western interference.

"The situation in DRC would have normalised way back if Sadc had continued with its efforts without Western interference. It is better that African conflicts be left to Africans because they understand their continent better. The Western world is currently maintaining its peace keeping forces in DRC, which in our view are not doing much compared to the US$1 billion worth of resources they are using a year."

He said Zimbabwe and other Sadc forces contended with limited resources during the war but managed to restore peace in DRC.

Ambassador Mwana Nanga said DRC was much concerned with the number of innocent civilians who died during the war sponsored by Western countries.

Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia and briefly Chad were fighting rebels that were battling to topple the DRC government.

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