Sunday, May 30, 2010

Zimbabwe Vice-President Joice Mujuru Warns NGOs

VP Mujuru warns NGOs

Herald Reporter

VICE President Joice Mujuru has warned some non-governmental organisations diverting from their co-business of humanitarian assistance to meddle in Zimbabwean politics that they risk having their licences withdrawn.

Speaking during victory celebrations for Rushinga legislator and Politburo member Cde Lazarus Dokora, VP Mujuru said Government was aware that the NGOs were targeting under-developed areas for their underhand activities.

Cde Dokora was appointed Zanu-PF’s deputy secretary for education in the party’s supreme decision making body outside congress.

"As Government, we are aware there are some NGOs who are targeting such underdeveloped areas like Rushinga.

"They come to you on the pretext that they want to perform humanitarian duties yet they end up meddling in national politics.

"We do not like that. When they come to our MPs, our Chiefs, headmasters you should ask them what areas they need assistance and boundaries would be demarcated for you," she said.

She said as soon as the NGOs start meddling in politics, Government would immediately end its marriage with them.

"When you start engaging in political activities, I believe we should immediately stop our relationship with you because it is not your primary objective," she said.

VP Mujuru applauded people in Rushinga for remaining resolute in their support for Zanu-PF and said they should have their concerns addressed as pay back for their loyalty.

"You are the third best district nationally in terms of allegiance. Whenever there are elections Zanu-PF will not lead until we receive statistics from this district. You make us proud."

She said people in the constituency needed Government to look at issues like transport, electricity, roads and food shortages.

"I will take your concerns to President Mugabe. I will tell Cde Mugabe the people that make us proud need our assistance as a way of appreciating your support," she said.

VP Mujuru said Cde Dokora’s elevation to the Politburo and Central Committee was in appreciation of the support Zanu-PF received from the constituency.

She said Government would step up construction of the Semwa Dam, a national project, for the benefit and economic development of Rushinga.

"We expect construction of the dam would ensure Rushinga positively contributes towards the country’s economic development. We shall get water for all purposes. We shall generate power, start irrigation as soon as the dam is completed.

"That shows you are important people. You make Zimbabwe a real country because of the support you give us," she said.

She however, warned farmers against squandering proceeds from their agricultural activities, urging them to plan for their future.

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