Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Detroit Emergency Demonstration Against FBI Raids Targeting Anti-War Activists, Tues., September 28, 4:30pm

For Immediate Release

Emergency Demonstration Against FBI Raids on the Homes and Offices of Anti-War Activists in Minneapolis and Chicago

Tuesday, Sept. 28, 4:30 PM
McNamara Federal Building
477 Michigan at Cass, downtown Detroit

Contact: 313.671.3715
E-mail: admin@mecawi.org
URL: http://www.mecawi.org

Stop the Raids!: End U.S. Militarism and Home and Abroad

Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice (MECAWI) joins the International Action Center in condemning the FBI raids on anti-war and solidarity activists' homes on Friday, Sept. 24, and supports the right of all social justice activists to defend the
rights of workers here at home and be in solidarity with those around
the world resisting occupation and military dictatorship. We stand in
solidarity with the raided activists and demand the Obama
Administration cease its curtailing of civil rights and civil

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