Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Three French Oil Workers Kidnapped Off Niger Delta

Three French Oil Workers 'kidnapped off Niger Delta'

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BOURBON confirms that in the night of the Tuesday 21st to Wednesday 22nd September 2010, during an attack on the offshore oil field of Addax off the Nigerian coast, Bourbon Alexandre, together with its 16 crewmembers, have been subject to a joint assault from several speedboats. Three crew members, of French nationality, have been kidnapped; the 13 other crew members have remained on board and nobody has been injured. No claim has been made at this stage.

BOURBON has contacted all families and will keep them informed.

The Crisis Unit of BOURBON in Marseilles, in coordination with the Emergency Unit of BOURBON in Nigeria, is evaluating the situation in real time and working to obtain a rapid liberation in the safest security conditions. BOURBON is working in close collaboration with the French and Nigerian authorities.

BOURBON will continue to disclose any new information when available and verified and will not make any comment, which could adversely affect the liberation of the crewmembers.

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