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Press Statement: One Year Anniversary of the Assassination of Imam Luqman Abdullah From the ICUPJE


Over 35 affiliated organizations throughout the world

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The International Council for Urban Peace, Justice and Empowerment is a coalition of chapters and affiliates in over 35 cities. We represent the largest grassroots, national, international coalition and network: of faith and community based organizations activists and organizers dedicated to peace, justice and empowerment, ending gang warfare, violence and crime.

On behalf of the grassroots people of Detroit and America we are issuing a statement on the “extra judicial execution” or targeted assassination of Imam Luquman Abdullah (of Detroit 10-28-2010)

All of the affiliates of the International Council for Urban Peace, Justice and Empowerment have stated for the record that Imam Luquman was the victim of a conspiracy that was intended to characterize him, his mosque, their members and his national affiliated relationships as criminals by the government putting together paid criminal informants to infiltrate a mosque and engage in provacatouring in a community that is economically depressed and socially challenged (to commit crimes).

Our independent investigation has uncovered a consistent line of lies by the government, and we have been given what is so called “classified information” by law enforcement in Georgia and Michigan that the Imam was targeted because of his relationship to Imam Jamil Al-Amin (formerly known as H. Rap Brown the 60’s civil rights activist).

In addition, the National Ummah was actively involved in organizing the most successful Urban, (Gang) Peace and Justice effort in history, which resulted in a ten (10) year drop in gang related shootings, homicides, other violence and negative activity.

According to some documents that have been uncovered, Imam Luquman, who was actively involved in visiting Imam Jamil in prison in Georgia was accused of being inciteful by Federal Bureau of Prison Investigators (their ideas of inciteful were asking questions and raising issues like health and his human rights which triggered a death sentence. Although the Georgia State Bureau of Prisons did not accuse him of that. His visits were peaceful and the climate was non- threatening.

However, it was alleged according to the federal government that Imam Jamil was too powerful in the Georgia State Prison and that he was a threat to the status quo because of his ability to perhaps call for work stoppages, and hunger strikes. There is no evidence of Imam Jamil being involved in those types of activities.

But as a result of that, he was transferred to the Supermax Prison in Florence Colorado. In addition, it was stated that Imam Luquman would be targeted by the Federal Government because of his consistent visits, his advocacy on behalf of Imam Jamil’s human rights in addition to giving him candy bars or insisting that he be given some snacks. As a result of that, Imam Luquman was targeted and assassinated in this extra judicial killing.

We are stating for the record that we have no confidence in the Justice Department’s ability to investigate this because of the fact that the division involved with this trick or treat provocative action is a division that was put in place before the former President Bush and the former head of the justice dept left office.

So even though statements and policies by President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder were issued which called for mutual respect for Muslims in the United States and the world, the assassination of Imam Luquman is clearly a violation of that statement and of that policy.

The hypocrisy in this investigation is laughable. The case is based upon the sworn statements of provocateurs- paid government informants- who are convicted criminals and were being paid by the federal government to infiltrate a mosque and create a criminal enterprise by giving money and resources for entrapment.

The so called “criminal activity” was hatched in Washington, D.C. The monies came out of Washington, D.C. All of the so called contraband was purchased out of Washington, D.C. The very aspects of the so called warehouse where the assassination took place was controlled by the federal government and so therefore everything that went on inside that warehouse, everything that took place in terms of the purchases, everything that went on in terms of the alleged statements made by Imam Luquman were all statements and things that were done by paid government lying provocateurs.

For the record, it was stated that Imam Luquman was the head of an organization called “Al Ummah”, which means “Brotherhood”.

That is a bold faced lie. Any fool that knows any Arabic knows that Ummah means “community”. Imam Luquman Abdullah was part of a network of Masjids and organizations around the country that came together to “agree to disagree” without being “disagreeable” and to work together for community upliftment, feeding the poor, economic development, re-entry, community empowerment, social justice, stopping gang violence and youth violence as well as working against crime, gangs, drugs, and other illegal activities around the communities.

The Masjids engaged in: economic development initiatives, athletic programs and social initiatives for the youth and also providing for family development, counseling and interreligious relations. In addition, they entered into public and private partnerships for community empowerment.

It was also stated that Al-Ummah is a black separatist and radical group that is dedicated to using violence (hilarious) to establish an Islamic community in America and imposition of Shariah Law on the population. That is a bold faced lie. The definition of Al Ummah (community) and the organization that they are referring to as being a race based organization made up of only formerly incarcerated men and women is also a lie.

So therefore, from the beginning of the “conspiracy”, the intent was not to allow Imam Luquman to live, but to assassinate him - to send a message to the Muslims of African descent in America and that message - has been received.

The FBI stated that this was not a terrorism case however; the investigation was conducted by a counter terrorism unit.

Hypocrisy. They talked about threats against the government stated by Imam Luquman. However, we have no evidence that those statements were ever made. It is also stated that Al Ummah(Brotherhood) is made up of the majority of formerly incarcerated men and women. Again, that is a bold faced lie. We clearly understand that in this situation, racism and politics were the motivation for this attack. White supremacy and white nationalism and racism is the guiding force amongst most law enforcement in America. Couple that with what is called the global war on terrorism and that has contributed to further repression of Muslims in America.

Since Columbus got lost and white people came to the United States America, millions of Muslims were enslaved. Over 100 million people of African descent have perished from the beginning of the slave trade - up until the end of slavery. There were over 50 million Native Americans in North America before the slave trade began and now there are less than a million. How do you define pathological?

Historians have stated for the record that 30% of those enslaved Africans were Muslims. There was a period of time in the United States before the government of the United States was in place after the Revolutionary War where Muslims from Europe and Africa were engaged in mutual trade and exchange of social and cultural relationships between Native American tribes. Genocide has taken place because there is hardly any evidence of the existence of these groups.

We also have concluded that the United States government has been engaged in repression (political, social, and cultural), discrimination, racism, genocide and marginalization and human rights violations against all Muslims people and people of Muslim heritage in every phase and every era of government of this country called the United States.

We are aware of the presence of thriving indigenous Muslim communities in America before the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Whether it is the groups that emerged out of Chicago, that were affiliated with Noble Drew Ali or the groups that were affiliated with Marcus Garvey or the groups that were affiliated with Elijah Muhammad, Dar-ul-Islam or other indigenous grass roots Muslim movements, El Hajj Malik Shabazz, Imam Jamil Al-Amin or Imam Warith Deen Muhammad were all targeted by F.B.I./C.I.A. Counter Intelligence Movements.

Everyone of the organizations in all of the communities that have been associated with these groups, even though they have been discriminated against, even though they have been oppressed and treated unjustly by the United States government have been the most effective groups in addressing violence, crime, drugs, gangs and other self destructive behaviors in the African American Community. In fact, for the record, there is no other faith based or religious or ethnic group in America that has been more effective in turning around drug addicts, prostitutes, robbers, criminals, gang bangers and other self destructive behaviors in the country.

In addition, without any government support, the Muslims in America have pioneered faith based schools and were the first organization to have a weekly newspaper and had the most extensive business and entrepreneurship activities of any other African American group in the country. Muslims have been involved in stabilizing the prison population to the degree that mostly all wardens agreed during the 60’s and 70’s that the Muslims were and had continued to be the most stabilizing influence within the prison population.

And it is very clear that we have received an answer and we have received a statement from the government as it relates as it relates to the work that Muslims have done and continue to do.

And so, based upon this, based upon this process that the government is engaged in, elements within the government and particularly amongst laws enforcement where there are several steps: first they trivialize activities, then they marginalize activities, then they demonize activities, then they criminalize activities, then they dehumanize the activity and then they terrorize the people that are engaged in uplifting and other kinds of self upliftment activities and ultimately imprison or assassinate the leaders of these groups.

Therefore, we are calling on the Organization of Islamic Conference, the United Nations and those international bodies of lawyers, human rights activists and many of the national and international groups to call for an international inquiry/investigation not only into the assassination of Imam Luquman, but also on this ongoing and systematic oppression and genocide conducted against Muslims.

In addition, we are saying that the government itself, the United States Federal Government should be investigated because imposition of ideological conformity is a crime against humanity.

Imam Luquman was denied due process and equal protection under the law and his extra judicial execution was cruel and unusual punishment. In this situation, the so called law enforcement officers went from being law enforcement officers who are sworn to protect and uphold the community to becoming investigators, accusers, prosecution, judge, juries, jailers and executioners.

This is a violation of international human rights and it is immoral.

We are calling on all of the world body of countries of the united nations, the general assembly and the national security council to conduct an investigation into the human rights violations that are taking place in the United States throughout the prisons in the United States, within the law enforcement bodies and departments of not only the federal government, but the state and local governments as well.

We are also calling for a National and International Summit where all of these things must be dealt with in a forum that is conducted by an international body of respected international jurists and investigators.

Once again, it is important to understand that the law enforcement community who invented these lies and tricks to try to entrap Imam Luquman are themselves guilty. They must understand that you cannot murder the mind, the spirit and the soul of Imam Luquman-you can only martyr his body.

Resistance and struggle for empowerment in this country by Muslims cannot be stopped and your ideological white supremacists racist and white nationalist’s activities that are the same as that of your ancestors have shown that you cannot find the key to the spirit of Imam Luquman. That is owned by Almighty God Allah. Your war is with Almightily God Allah and you will lose in this life as well as the next.

May God give the family of Imam Luquman peace and tranquility and may he send His peace and tranquility to all the members of Masjid Al-Haqq and all of those affiliated with the Muslim leadership within the Detroit and Dearborn areas.

May He inspire us to continue to organize and to speak truth to injustice and oppression and may He continue to harmonize our minds and our thoughts and our energies so that we can continue to be successful in our quest for empowerment in America.

And remember our brothers and sisters, as America becomes less ethnically White and Eurocentric, it is essential to understand that the pathology of White supremacy will continue to put forth the myth that White makes right and the Eurocentric pathology of might makes right if it comes from White people. They will continue to operate off of this pathology because they have not realized that it is a pathology, so it is important that we see the disease for what it is and that we continue to work with all people based upon the principles of truth, justice and righteousness and that we do not become dispirited. That we do not become apathetic. That we do not become passive and that we do not become disheartened because of the actions of these people.

As a matter of fact, we should become more inspired, more active, more assertive and more competent in the victory of our cause.

We should never judge the struggle by the casualties.

Understand that our victory has been promised by Almighty God. Victory or martyrdom is a win/win situation.

Amir El Hajj Khalid A. Samad
International Council for Urban Peace, Justice and Empowerment
T. Rashad Byrdsong Jitu Sadiki Minister Kuratibish Rashid
For more information, please contact the offices of Peace in the Hood at (216) 283-5434 or our email at

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stuartbramhall said...

It is really quite troubling that the extrajudicial murder of African Americans is relatively common. In 1989 I worked with an African American postal worker and union organizer who was murdered. And whose death was never investigated or prosecuted because the Postal Inspectors (who are actually an arm of US intelligence) seized the evidence file from the Seattle Police. And then in 1997 an African American woman - a former race car driver - was murdered, after several prior attempts on her life - apparently for exposing DEA involvement in laundering drug money through the race car circuit. I write about this, as well as efforts by US intelligence to target me, in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE ( I currently live in exile in New Zealand.