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WWP National Conference Uniting to Fight Capitalism

WWP national conference Uniting to fight capitalism

By Kathy Durkin
New York
Published Oct 29, 2010 7:58 PM

Activists from around the country will attend the Workers World Party national conference being held Nov. 12-14 in New York City. A major goal of this year’s gathering is to prepare for 2011 as “a new year to fight back against capitalism, racism, war and repression,” and to press forward in the struggle for world socialism.

This year’s assembly will take place in the midst of the ongoing capitalist crisis, which has hit working and poor people hard with massive unemployment, foreclosures, and cuts in health care and education across the country. The “jobless recovery” is clearly a disaster for millions of people.

Conference participants will tackle key questions including: How can left forces best fight back against this crisis? What impact will the Nov. 2 midterm elections have on progressive movements and struggles? What conclusions can be drawn from these developments?

Of primary concern will be how the struggle can be intensified against this heinous capitalist system — which is at the root of these crises — and how to raise high the banner of socialism. How can it be shown that a world without oppression, exploitation, poverty and war is possible, where the wealth of society is used for the benefit of humanity, not stolen by the corporate elite?

Workers World Party and Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST) join together year-round with many progressive forces from coast to coast to organize on economic, anti-racist and anti-war issues; to oppose attacks on immigrants, political repression against activists and lesbian/gay/bi/trans/queer bashing; to defend the rights of women, youth, the elderly and the disabled; and to expose corporate injury to the environment.

Those who are organizing on these issues and say it’s time to fight back, unite and oppose this profit-hungry system and organize for a socialist future should plan to attend this conference.

WWP extends an invitation to all like-minded organizations and individuals to attend and join in the discussions and planning for how to organize in the coming year on the crucial issues of the day.

Vital to this gathering will be exchanges of ideas and strategies on how progressive forces can best move the struggle forward and build a united front to develop the anti-capitalist, pro-socialist struggle and place it as an urgent item on the progressive movement’s agenda for the coming year.

The conference will feature plenaries, including performances by people’s artists, “open mike” sessions and breakout groups. There will be opportunities for reports and discussion by activists from around the country, representing crucial struggles and movements of the workers and oppressed.

To pre-register for the conference, and to get up-to-date logistics and schedule information, see Political materials being prepared for conference discussion will also be posted there.

Donations — which are very much needed to help with conference expenses, such as hall rental, sound equipment, childcare, food, transportation and more — can be made at that website. To reach organizers by phone, call 212-627-2994.
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