Friday, February 25, 2011

Letters to the Editor on the Present Situation in Libya

Letters to the Editor on the Present Situation in Libya

Author: foryohjonathan0000
Thu Feb 24 22:20:29 2011

To all, "Africans and Africa". Don't let them take or get on hold of Libya; if they do, the whole of Africa including Libya are doom and the hands of evil will continue their hidden destruction upon Africa and Africans for another centuries to come. Libyans count on your true friends and don't let your country falls in the wrong hands. Ghadafi for sure is a great president; and please remember that these people NEVER wanted to see a good president for any resources rich african country. That's for sure !!!

Author: divinecreation9
Fri Feb 25 13:57:12 2011

Colonel Moammar El Khadaffi have been 'targeted' by the Old Colonialist to face the same end as Sadam Huessein and his son's. The Mercenaries are anyone that know of and respect the Colonel!

There is an EVIL MILITARY STRATEGY of relieving ALL Arab/Islamic Nations of the 'Power' to sell oil! I am positive that Libya was infiltrated by outside military forces and much more to jump-start a revolt by so-call Libyan Citizen's; in false deceit colonialists concern for Arab/Islamic so-call freedom and human needs, TRUE aim is against the Khadaffi Regime!

The familiar white colonialists, DO NOT LIKE Moammar El Khadaffi NO WAY and/or any other Arab/Islamic Countries/or any race with a tint color for that matter! The REAL motives of THE OLD COLONISTS are to take OIL REVENUES (Money) out of the hands of Arab/Islamic Nations. ALL Arab/Islamic Countries are 'Tagged' for this elimination, even being on a graduated scale of such!

Level the Arab Countries into chaos; using their own citizens and then ALL (Citizens and Leaders that are not 'dead' as a result of this evil Military Strategy) are then returned to the Sands of the Desert with NOTHING, including NO Camels!! *Via the 'white man's' modern methods of communications such as cell phones w/cameras, the internet, computers, Google, face book so on and so on; the masses of peoples of the ARAB/ISLAMIC WORLD was BRAINWASHED and MANIPULATED into turning AGAINST there own ARAB/ISLAMIC LEADER'S as being THEIR OPPRESSOR'S!

This Evil Military Strategy is a double-headed Snake. The first part consisted of PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE; organized and instituted as described above. Next, is for the Masses of the Arab/Islamic Nations to be used as 'human-weapons' to destroy their own countries. This vastly cuts the cost of War for the perpetrator's! The falsely accused bears the human damages, structural damages; destruction's and above all the PUBLIC RELATION'S OF BEING KILLER'S OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE!

Also, in America you cannot 'march' when you get ready. You and/or your group must apply for a permit to 'march' in the streets of America! How can America and her consorts determine 'how' an Arab Nation should function counter to her own American guidelines and rules?

In America, if any ethnicity of any race start burning garbage can's, rioting, breaking into Government Buildings they will be shot DEAD! View the Black American Civil Right's Struggles!

The so-call International Community is organizing to fly into Libya and eliminate Colonel Khadaffi. If Colonel Khadaffi DO NOT control his advasaries, they will kill him! Yet, when Colonel Khadaffi fights back he is in violation of human rights and International Law! Bull-What is Colonel Khadaffi SUPPOSE to do?

All over the world Black People have been violated by white institutions and governments; where in the HELL was Human Rights and International Law then? In the United States of America over 30 million black folks lost their lives!


I send out my 'Protective Curses and Holy Prayer's' to THE HOUSE OF KHADAFFI!!!

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