Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zimbabwe Is Not Tunisia or Egypt

Zimbabwe is not Tunisia or Egypt

Sunday, 27 February 2011 10:10
by Professor Jonathan Moyo, MP

Given the political turmoil which has engulfed North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf (NAMEG) region in recent weeks, can a twitter-driven Facebook revolution in the style of what has happened in Tunisia, Egypt or Libya be done in Zimbabwe with the result of illegally establishing protestocracy in the country under the false pretext of peaceful demonstration?

Apparently there are some US and European puppets in the MDC-T and its associated elements in the foreign founded and funded NGO colony, notably the NCA, ZCTU and Zimbabwe Crisis Coalition — with one Philip Pasirayi being the busybody — who have spent the last few weeks imagining that they can be copycats of the turmoil in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya which they dream they can reproduce in Zimbabwe. This is what comes out of the nonsense whose distribution they intensified last week through the internet, text messages and pamphlets under what they think is anonymous cover when their identities are in fact known.

Only God knows why these hopeless would-be copycats, whose death wish is to be arrested at the Harare Gardens and be charged with treason in accordance with the rule of law that they love preaching about, honestly think they can do an Egypt or Libya in Zimbabwe when they miserably failed to do anything near that during the height of the biting Zimbabwe dollar days of hyper-inflation. Do these failed puppets of regime change ever think?

Have they forgotten how their much touted “final push” succeeded only in pushing them further down the doldrums of their political irrelevance only yesterday?

What boggles the mind while also serving to once again confirm that the GPA government is clearly dysfunctional and futile is that, in apparent pursuit of what Nelson Chamisa has publicly described in dark and ominous terms as the treacherous party’s “underground campaign strategy” for the forthcoming harmonised general election expected later this year, some MDC-T Cabinet Ministers have been stoking public emotions apparently to inflame what their party’s US and American strategists believe would spark public protests similar to those that rocked Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

One case in point of an attempt to unlawfully engineer illegal public protests in the country in the vain hope of reproducing a Libyan regime change scenario is Finance Minister Tendai Biti’s treasonous intent to audit the diamond money trail under the false claim he is peddling in some gullible sections of the media that US$300million from diamond proceeds has not been accounted for when his true intentions are not only to trigger protests but also to facilitate the illegal seizure of the proceeds by the US and its European allies as part of their sanctions terror against Zimbabweans.

Biti knows only too well that through relevant channels all diamonds proceeds have been declared to Treasury under the auspices of the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development.

He also knows only too well that there is a world of difference between “declared proceeds” and “remitted proceeds” and that the remitting of some proceeds takes time not only because of the usual paper trail but also because of the need to be vigilant and careful about the movement of the diamond money trail given the sanctions terror that our country faces from the US and its EU allies.

To describe as missing some $300million that has been declared through the normal channels and that is in the pipeline for remittance is scandalous and proves Minister Biti’s treasonous intent given the role that he plays in recommending who is included or excluded from the illegal US and EU sanctions.

What further compounds Biti’s treasonous stance is his silence on the missing millions of dollars under the watch of the MDC-T’s embattled Minister Elton Mangoma. Where is that money that is supposed to have purchased critically needed diesel and where is the diesel? What does Biti have to say about Mangoma’s criminal violation of tender procedures whose purpose is to facilitate the theft of public funds?

Another related case in point through which an MDC-T Cabinet Minister is abusing his portfolio to incite public violence through illegal protests is Public Service Minister Eliphas Mukonoweshuro’s embarrassing quest to use a clearly bogus civil service “payroll and skills” audit to justify a preposterous regime-change claim that the salaries of civil servants are low allegedly because the public service has some 75 000 ghost workers when the real reason is that Finance Minister Biti does not want to use diamond proceeds towards the salaries of civil servants because that would undermine the MDC-T’s underground election campaign strategy whose main thrust is to incite violence and protests.

Minister Mukonoweshuro should know that his claim that his bogus audit was allegedly done by reputable firm Ernst and Young from India has no merit whatsoever, not least because that firm did not gather the data that it analysed. The data, which has led to media lies about 75 000 ghost workers, was gathered by a bunch of bogus enumerators drawn from the MDC-T and operating under the illicit cover of Mukonoweshuro’s ministry in December 2009 while it was controversially processed by Ernst and Young of India in September 2010 under a dubious World Bank contract. It is a well-established research principle in research and auditing that that if your input is garbage, your output would also be garbage.

Because the data gathered by Mukonoweshuro’s ministry was garbage, the analysis and findings of the Ernst and Young of India were also garbage and that is why the whole audit, which has thus far been peddled only as Volume I without its supporting Volumes II and III, is wholly bogus.

Yet, as part of the MDC-T’s underground election campaign, Mukonoweshuro is still trying in vain with the help of ZCTU and the so-called Zimbabwe Crisis Coalition to incite the civil service to trigger Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan type of regime change protests in Zimbabwe. If that is not disgraceful, then nothing is.

Biti and Mukonoweshuro took an oath as Cabinet Ministers to respect and uphold the laws of Zimbabwe and that is an obligation they must discharge.

While there’s no doubt and indeed evidence abounds showing that the US and its European allies wish that what is happening in Libya could happen in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Southern Africa where former liberation movements are in power, the thought that there are some paid Zimbabweans with a similar wish simply because they are funded by the US and its European allies is sickening to the core even though their poisonous wish has no chance in heaven of ever materialising.

The real question begging for urgent critical examination is not whether an Egypt or Libya can happen in Zimbabwe, because that is out of the question notwithstanding the self-evident wishes of merchants of regime change, but whether Zimbabweans understand what is actually happening in those two countries and if so what lesson do they draw from the on-going tragic events.

Otherwise, and given the nefarious interest and evil role of the US and its European allies in the shaky geopolitics of today’s unipolar world, there’s no national leadership in the Third or Developing World that has not been exercised by the geopolitical implications of the NAMEG protests and which has not pondered the possibility of those protests erupting at home at the slightest pretext. No doubt vigilance has become the order of the day all round.

With this in mind, one telling lesson from the unfolding mayhem in the NAMEG region, whose geopolitical impact has added fuel to the fires of Wikileaks revelations on continuing American imperial machinations, is that the US and its European allies, as cruel architects of slavery, imperialism and colonialism who now masquerade as champions of democracy, have over the years remained with one constant diabolic agenda whose unchanging geopolitical import in a changed and changing world is that the West must by definition dominate the Rest of the World by hook or crook.

Just as the US and its European allies managed to corrupt and bastardise religious values of Christianity and the moral values of human civilisation by using them to justify the brutality and inhumanity of slavery and colonialism not too long ago, as their duplicity over the turmoil in Egypt and Libya shows, they are today perverting and bankrupting the values of human rights, democracy and good governance to justify their imperial quest for domination not only in the NAMEG region but also around the world in countries with key natural resources such as Zimbabwe.

After all has been done and said about the tragic events sweeping across countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Jordan and Bahrain among others, nobody should be surprised that, in the same way slavery and colonialism debunked Western claims to Christianity and civilisation, the real casualties of the NAMEG protests foolishly dubbed as revolutions will be the very concepts of human rights, democracy and good governance that the naïve protestors are chanting in vain and not be the fallen leaders or regimes in the affected countries.

The duplicity of the US and its European allies in the NAMEG protests is palpable. Take the cases of Egypt and Libya as examples.

In Egypt the US and its European countries were worried like mad that the protest could evolve into an Islamic revolution similar to what happened in Iran in 1979 and so they were determined and desperate to nip that possibility in the bud. Shockingly but not surprisingly they manipulated the protests using the fact that the government of fallen President Hosni Mubarak was a Western puppet plus the fact that the

Egyptian military is American controlled and receives some US$1,5billion annually from Uncle Sam.

Although the US and its European allies pretend all the time and all over the world, and especially here in Zimbabwe through the so-called Fishmonger group of like-minded donors and the gullible Press which is independent from the truth, that they stand for democracy, rule of law and good governance their position in Egypt and Libya has exposed them beyond recovery.

It is clear that the US and its European allies want to blunt, derail and subvert the democratic growth of the Islamic movement in Egypt by sacrificing Hosni Mubarak. They did this by packaging and peddling the fiction that Mubarak’s departure from “peaceful demonstrators” after some 31 years in power was revolutionary and democratic!
In the process they managed to smuggle in the scandalous and subversive idea, which the US and its European allies would never brook in their own backyards, that a so-called peaceful demonstration using twitter, Facebook and text messages is a legitimate and constitutional way of removing and changing a government.

But even worse in the case of Egypt the US and its European allies, who have been making cacophonic calls for security sector reforms to allegedly remove the military from politics in Zimbabwe as a necessary signpost in what the MDC-T underground strategists say is a much needed “election roadmap”, engineered a situation in which the Egyptian military took centre stage in the politics of that country by taking over direct control of the government after which the Junta suspended the constitution and dissolved Parliament in order to rule by decree. Now is that democracy?

Is it the rule of law? Is it good governance? Are those who say that they would like to do an Egypt in Zimbabwe willing and prepared to have our military take over government, suspend our Constitution and dissolve Parliament so that General Constantine Chiwenga and company can rule by decree? Would that be ok? And if that is not ok for Zimbabwe in the eyes of the US, its European allies and their local puppets, why is ok for Egypt?

What we have in Egypt today is a military coup supported by the US and its European allies who continue to keep our country under the sanctions terror with duplicitous claims that our national security sector has militarised politics. That is it. Full stop. Forget the nonsense about democracy and all that jazz. Protestocracy was used in Egypt to effect a military coup under the shameless name of democracy, rule of law and good governance whose values have become very cheap given what is going on in the NAMEG countries at the behest of the US and its European allies.

If, thanks to the Americans and their European friends the Egyptian case is bad for democracy, human rights and good governance, the Libyan case is worse. Consider the following.

It is common knowledge that in the NAMEG region, the problem countries for the US and its European allies have been Libya, Syria and Iran. Having found a formula for using twitter generated Facebook revolutions to engineer street protests to foreclose Islamic revolutions as in the case of Egypt, the US and its European allies are now busy applying the same Egyptian formula to entrench puppet regimes which could otherwise fall in in Algeria, Tunisia, Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and virtually all the NAMEG dynasties and monarchs which are now embroiled in fake US and EU sponsored national dialogues. The notable exceptions are Libya, Syria and Iran where the US and EU strategy is to use their new found protestocracy as an instrument for regime change.

This why in Libya the US and the EU, with the treacherous support of one of the worst secretary generals the UN has ever had, Ban Ki-Moon, have incredulously redefined “peaceful demonstration” to include protestors who raid the armouries of police stations and military barracks to arm themselves to the teeth and takeover towns and cities with a view to overthrowing a sitting government outside an electoral or constitutional process.

Yesterday, Western imperialists gave bad names to Christianity and human civilisation today they are giving a bad name to democracy, human rights and good governance with the NAMEG case telling it all. All the US and EU talk about Libyan forces shooting their own people is hollow and pales into insignificant when seen against the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians that the US and EU forces have butchered in cold blood in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Of course every loss of life is tragic and indefensible but the US and the EU always give the impression that only they have the God like right to shed blood and boy don’t they shed it in the name of the international community! Otherwise anything—including protests—that seek to overthrow a government anywhere in the world cannot be peaceful by definition. The overthrow of any sitting government outside the constitutional process is nothing but a violent act. There’s not even one government in the US-EU alliance that would countenance being overthrown through street protests in the name of so-called peaceful demonstrations.

And the idea that a sitting government which is a member of the UN should allow so-called peaceful demonstrators who raid the armouries of police stations and military barracks to overthrow it as an expression of democracy is absurd in a very respect. For Africans, and indeed for the civilised elements in the international community, the consequences of allowing protestors to overthrow a sitting government are all there for all to see in Somalia and the possibility of Libya now going the Somali way is more than high.

Clearly the US and its European allies have lost their moral legitimacy in leading the international discourse on democracy, human rights, rule of law and good governance, as they have shown beyond any doubt through the case of Egypt that they would not recognise democracy, constitutionalism and good governance even if it smacked them on their imperialist faces. Given the foregoing, MDC-T puppets that imagine that they can be sponsored copycats of Egyptian or Libyan protestocracy in Zimbabwe must know that they are joking.

This is especially so in a country like ours where those who fought gallantly against Western imperialists, colonialists and Rhodies in the Second Chimurenga to liberate our country are not only still alive but are actually in very active leadership roles across the critical sectors of our State and society in huge numbers and they still enjoy the overwhelming support of peasants who are now proud beneficiaries of the Third Chimurenga.

The less said about this, the better.

Meanwhile those in the MDC-T affiliated local and international media circles who have been claiming that Munyaradzi Gwisai and 45 others were arrested for watching videos on the political turmoil in Egypt and Libya should get real.

If watching videos on the situation in those two countries was criminal, then the Police would arrest everyone in the country who has satellite television or is connected to the Internet because those media platforms are littered with videos and all sorts of material about the Egyptian and Libyan protests.

It should therefore be obvious even to lunatics that there is more to the case than simply watching videos!

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