Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Italy Issues NATO Command Ultimatum Over Libya

Italy issues NATO command ultimatum over Libya

Associated Press
2011-03-22 01:14 AM

Italy is warning that it will review the use of its bases by coalition forces for strikes against Libya if the mission doesn't pass to NATO's command.

Foreign Minister Franco Frattini issued the ultimatum Monday after Turkey blocked NATO from approving a military strategy that would allow NATO's participation in the operation.

Italy has allowed seven military bases to be used, and six Italian Tornados took part in operations over Libya on Sunday.

Italian news organizations report that Frattini told a press conference in Brussels that if the mission doesn't pass to NATO's command, "Italy will begin reflecting on the use of its bases: if there is a multiplication of command centers, we must study a way in which Italy retakes control of its bases."

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