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'US Hides Iron Fist Under Velvet Glove,' Says Union of Islamic Students Association

'US hides iron fist under velvet glove'

Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:9PM

The Union of Islamic Students Association has condemned US President Barack Obama's motivated response to the recent turmoil in the Middle East and North African regions in an open letter.

The letter focuses on the history of human rights abuses in the US, as well as the direct and indirect support the American establishment have provided for despotic dictators in the two regions.

The following is the entire text of the letter, obtained by Press TV:

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

President Obama,

We are the Union of Islamic Students Associations in Europe and we are writing on behalf of the Iranian youth born after the Islamic Revolution. We are certain that we speak not only for the majority of youth in Iran, but also for most of the freedom loving young people around the world. We live among the common people and we are well aware of their views and conditions and we are not like the aristocratic minority that lives in secluded mansions far away from the realities of our country. In addition, we should add that the forthright expression of views is a notable characteristic of the Iranian youth.

Mr. President, have you asked yourself why world nations and their youth are disgusted with the current system of aggressive world domination and why their numbers are increasing daily?

There is not enough space in this letter to enumerate the many crimes committed by the United States in the past from the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that caused the death of countless civilians and the crippling damage to successive generations of human beings, to the massacre of the people of Vietnam, to the over-throwing of scores of democratic governments throughout the world through military coups and the blind support of dictators whose hands are soaked with the blood of their own people. Nor is there enough space in this letter to recount the more recent crimes carried out under the cover of "The War on Terror" with trillions of dollars flowing into the pockets of weapons companies and the spilling of the blood of countless innocent women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan. This abhorrent game of death serves the interests of powerful corporations and investment holdings and has led to the massacre of over a million people in Iraq and Afghanistan alone.

Is not the extent of this tragedy similar to the often propagated Holocaust? Would it not have been better to provide convincing answers to thousands of independent experts, researchers, and journalists regarding the events surrounding the September 11 attacks, before launching these bloody wars? The crime file of the United States government is so heavy that it causes deep regret to every sincere liberated human being throughout the globe. Despite these crimes, you still have the “audacity” to declare yourselves the champions of human rights and freedom and to interfere in the domestic affairs of peace loving nations such as Iran who has not attacked any foreign soil in the last 200 years!

Mr. Obama,

Today the people of the world are no longer deceived by your attempts at deception and the iron fist hidden by the velvet glove has been exposed. We have witnessed your order to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan, we have seen your orders to keep the Guantanamo prison open and we regularly witness your coldhearted vetoes of UN resolutions against the Zionist regime, which give it the green light to perpetrate the massacre of innocent women and children, young and old in Gaza. Remember that God's hand is more powerful and above all others, and that divine destiny will destroy the oppressors.

The US government's actions in support of Netanyahu, Mubarak, and Mahmoud Abbas during the cruel and merciless Gaza blockade and war, whose aim was to destroy an innocent and defenseless nation, and the US government's support for dictators around the world, are all great injustices which will shorten the life of any oppressive regime. The great leader Imam Khomeini bravely announced with deep insight the fate of oppressors such as the Great Satan.

How astonishing it is to see the devil stand by the people, after the victory of the people over their US imposed dictators in Egypt and elsewhere. The world has witnessed the massacres in Bahrain and they have seen the Bahraini dictator - your close friend and ally - killing his own people right in front of the eyes of the US Navy's Fifth Fleet stationed there. Similarly, everyone can clearly see that the most despotic and back-ward kings and dictators in the Middle East and North Africa, such as the King of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, Yemen, Bahrain and others in the Persian Gulf region are all under your protection and support. These governments are not simply your “allies” but in fact they are kept in power by your overt and covert support. These despotic and backward regimes would have been overthrown long ago by their own people had your backing - overt and covert - not existed.

The shah of Iran was one such brutal dictator supported by the US government, whom the brave Iranian nation overthrew in 1951, replacing him with a democratic government. However, the US government orchestrated a military coup in 1953 over-throwing the national government and re-imposing this blood thirsty dictator onto the Iranian nation. Our people can never forget this nor will they ever forget their decade's long sacrifice and struggle against the Shah's inhumane dictatorship which was supported by the US government. The result of this struggle was that they finally overthrew him for the second time in 1979. Sadly, your so called experts are still stuck under the illusion that they can impose the same westoxicated dictators and criminals upon our people once again.

However, your government's response to our people's liberation was a very bitter one. We are witness to continued interference by you and your predecessors in the domestic affairs of Iran. It is 33 years now that Iran has been illegally and immorally sanctioned by your government and billions of dollars of assets belonging to the people of Iran have been improperly ceased. This does not include the billions of dollars stolen by the ex-dictator's family stored safely in your banks and financial institutions. Furthermore, your government is harboring and supporting terrorists and criminals who have committed atrocities against the Iranian people and their extradition and prosecution has been repeatedly blocked by you and your allies. What excuse do you have for supporting terrorist groups, such as the MKO and Jundullah? These groups that you and your government support, have killed tens of thousands of innocent people in Iran in their bloody terrorist campaigns over the past three decades.

The awakening of the youth in the Islamic world today is rooted in the awakening of the Iranian youth that took place in 1979. The Iranian youth successfully proved that it is possible to permanently overthrow a dictator that is fully supported by the US. The Iranian youth successfully proved that it is possible to stand firm against all the unjust and merciless sanctions, terrorist campaigns, conspiracies, and imposed wars for over thirty years.

Mr. Obama,

We agree with you, this era is in fact the era of hope and renewal for the world. However, the new era will be one in which there is no system of global hegemony and American oppression.

We agree with you, the forces of hope that enlightened Tahrir Square in Egypt are in fact a continuation of the same forces that gathered in Azadi square in Tehran. For over thirty years tens of millions of Iranians have been gathering at Tehran's Azadi Square and other liberated squares throughout the country to celebrate the liberation of Iran from the bloody claws of American oppression and the American imposed dictatorship.

We agree with you, we are not restrained by the chains of oppression. US oppression no longer binds us like it did before 1979. We have cut your hands from interfering in our country and are today proudly standing on our own feet.

We agree with you, our talents and hopes will shape the future of the Islamic Republic of Iran and will enlighten the world. If you had eyes to see, you would see this light illuminating the world.

Unlike the past, the world is no longer your playground where you make up rules and force them upon oppressed nations in order to determine their destiny.

The nations of the world have vowed and are determined to shape their own destinies by overthrowing and driving out the western imposed puppets and dictators. Your government was condemned a long time ago in the court of world public opinion and what you see today is the results of the deep disgust and hatred for your government's oppressive policies and actions.

You can choose to follow the path of your predecessors or you can choose to accept responsibility for the inhumane actions of the US government and mend what has been broken for so long, through immediate compensation and honest and practical action. If there is no fundamental change in your stance, you too will be tried by the court of conscience of the oppressed peoples of the world.

As your namesake Imam Husain [as], the successor of Prophet Muhammad [sawas] says, “far be it from us to be dishonored”. Have no doubt that the future is in the hands of nations that have learned this lesson. Today the cries of “We are with you O Husain” can be heard throughout the world. Just as Gandhi took Imam Husain as his role model and delivered his nation from the bloody claws of British colonialists.

Today the world has awakened, and oppressed nations of the world are demanding global justice and their hearts are more than before eager for the deliverer of the world from oppression and the restoration of justice, the promised Mahdi.

We conclude with a couplet from the great Persian poet Hafez Shirazi:

If sad times come to shed the blood of true lovers
We shall unite and bring down its foundation.

The Union of Islamic Students Associations, Europe

03 March, 2011

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