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Human Rights Watch Charges Against Libya 'Preposterous'

Human Rights Watch Charges Against Libya 'Preposterous'

For Immediate Release
19 April, 2011


On Friday, 15 April, 2011 exactly on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of United States brutal, terror and very lethal bombing and brutal invasion of Libya in 1986, the New York based Human Rights Watch (HRW) once again exhibited its routine anti-African, anti-Libyan, anti-Qathafi and anti-blacks hate comments and illegal meddling activities in Africa, particularly in Libya’s internal sovereign matters.

Human Rights Watch’s wicked allegation that the legal Government of Libya, led by Revolutionary leader Muammar Al-Qathafi is using banned weapons, including ‘Cluster Bombs’ against civilians in Libya is not only preposterous, misguided, unfounded, baseless and figment of imagination.

It is also a well-tailored, well-financed, well-manufactured lie and deliberate plot to demonise the competent authorities in Tripoli, and such a criminal act on the part of HRW is only linked to the ongoing unacceptable ploy of aggression of the crusader NATO/UN/EU/Arab League against the people of Libya/Africa.

One wonders what the New York based organisation is trying to achieve by concocting unfounded and baseless stories against the Libyan Government. This latest among the series of criminal practices of the Human Rights Watch in Africa, Latin America and elsewhere on the globe has only exposed the New York based Organ as nothing but an instrument that is playing the role of propaganda machinery for the terrorist al-Qaida outfit against the people of Africa.

In the first place, HRW has no representative in Libya as the Organisation blatantly lied to the international public. Secondly, the HRW comment on the current situation in Libya is meant to mislead the American and European public.

The civilized world is well aware of the big imperialist and hegemonic conspiracy of the US, Britain and France against Libya/Africa.

Blacks everywhere are conscious of al-Qaida’s explicit plan to rid Libya of black people. HRW and London based Amnesty International have been called upon and a number of online information have strung up on the intent urging the two organisations in particular, to react specifically to all of al-Qaida’s murderous attacks against blacks in the small territories the terror organ occupies in Libya/Africa.

But it is unfortunate to note that the HRW has taken sides with the terrorist invaders, whose only stock in trade is destruction of humanity.

The Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS) is outraged that Human Rights Watch has not abandoned its hate and racist attacks against Libya/Africa.

We standby ready to prove contrary HRW’s statement about Libya and that it is the crusader NATO, and not the Libyan
government that is using dangerous weapons against the Libyan/African people.

It is the crusader NATO that is using cruise missiles, tornados, Depleted Uranium, war ships and modern sophisticated jet bombers, causing harmful attacks to civilian life, and also violating the independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya.

It is no secret that the crusader NATO Nazis attacks carried out on Libya are causing great consternation and bewilderment throughout the world. The indiscriminate bombing by the crusader NATO is causing considerable loss of innocent lives and wanton destruction of public infrastructure, Mosques and other buildings.

This is a brazen violation of UN Charter and moral international principles on Non-Interference in the internal matters of other countries.

It is on record that HRW played a conspiracy role, resulting today to the death of millions of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The HRW also stands guilty and indicted for aiding and abetting racist-Zionist heinous crimes against the people of Palestine, Southern Lebanon and Syria’s Golan Height.

The conscience of the civilized international community is highly disturbed by the deliberate acts of terrorism against Libya/Africa.

For us in the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS), we prefer that HRW speaks for the people in other countries of the world like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gaza where they are living in horrible and sub-human conditions.

We want to implore HRW to do a good thing for Africa by speaking about blacks who have been illegal arrested presently languishing in prison cells across the United States and Western Europe.

Unfortunately, most of these blacks are in detention on charges related to immigration, or sometimes mistaken for crimes committed by other people.

Libya for Libyan masses!
Libya for Africans!
Stop meddling in the internal matters of other countries!

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