Tuesday, April 19, 2011

'Syrian People Under US Proxy Attack,' Says Al Watan News Agency

'Syrian people under US proxy attack'

An interview with Bassam Abu Abdulla from the Al Watan news agency in Damascus

Tue Apr 19, 2011 2:57PM

The US, Western governments and popular media sow discord in Syria by supporting opposition groups who want the nation and its people to divide under developing democratic reforms.

In an interview with Press TV, Bassam Abu Abdulla, from the Al Watan news agency in Damascus, tells us that the US and Saudi Arabian governments as well as the Western media are manipulating reports and supporting opposition groups in Syria because the government has long been against the US and Israeli policy in the region.

Press TV: What can you tell us about recent events taking place in Syria?

Abu Abdulla: Generally, everyone should know that what's going on in Syria is usually not what's shown on the TV channels. There are a lot of facts that all people should know about what's going on in Syria.

We are referring between two tracks. The first track is when we are talking about reforms. All Syrian people support reforms. And I think that millions of people were in the main cities, supported by what President Bashar had said, for the reforms.

But what's going on now, what we could see yesterday in homes and other cities - in [Pisa], Baniyas or in parts of Daraa - are Salafi groups. These Salafi groups in the Syrian society are very small groups because Syrian society is generally in the middle of Islam. In Syria, extremism is generally not accepted and because of that we are talking about foreign factors reflected in the Syrian unrest.

Now, these Salafi groups are used as a tool by some foreign factors for example by the United States, [Saudi Arabia's] Bandar bin Sultan and some parts in Lebanon, to realize some plans against the foreign policy of Syria.

We are talking about a conspiracy. It's a very high percentage.

We are concerned about some TV channels like Al-Zajeera, Al Arabiya, France 24, BBC, and others, all these channels are now attacking Syria. There is a war against Syria with these TV channels because the reality is that nobody will talk, but the [news channels] are talking about a revolution.

There is no revolution in Syria. Millions of Syrian people are sitting in their houses and watching what's going on.

The people [who cause upheavals], the Syrian Salafis, are not from Syrian society.

Press TV: How's the situation in Syria compared with other events taking place in the region?

Abu Abdulla: Now, about the role of the foreign factors. Yesterday, I think, The Washington Post newspaper published that the United States Department of State supported the Al-Barada TV channel, a TV channel in opposition of Syria, paying them USD 6 million to secretly support some so-called opposition leaders.

I don't trust these kinds of people who are living in Washington, Paris, or London.

The real situation is that because the Syrian position is against the American plans in the region and against Israel, and because Syria is supporting the resistance movements -- generally, Hezbollah and Hamas [that are] against the American plans -- the conspiracy against the US is continuing.

We are talking about different parties participating in these conspiracies. We can watch these different groups. The first group is the corrupted people inside Syria.

The second group is the Salafi group who is being supported by [Saudi Arabia's] Bandar bin Sultan, the American CIA and [Israel's] Mossad.

The third group is composed of some regional parties against Syria.

The fourth group is the Muslim brothers in London, and now they are in Saudi Arabia.

All these groups, besides the TV channels war, are working against Syria now. The Syrian government will soon face this situation because we are not talking about severe demonstrations, but we are talking about the Salafi group - those who speak a very strange language in the Syrian society and who want to divide the Syrian nation, which is a redline for all Syrians. Because of that we will soon see the Syrian government deal with them in another way.

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