Friday, January 20, 2012

Somalia's Breakaway Puntland Condemns Kenya's Air Assault Against Civilians

Somalia: Puntland condemns Kenya’s air raids against civilians


Garowe ( Puntland state of Somalia has Friday strongly condemned the latest Kenya’s aerial attacks against innocent civilians in southern regions of the country.

Ahmed Omar Hirse, the spokesman for the semi-autonomous state of Puntland’s presidential palace has today spoke out the Kenyan aerial campaign targeting on the civilian positions in parts of southern Somalia, saying that his administration denounces in its strongest terms the Kenyan bombardment in the country.

Mr. Hirse noted that Puntland will never ever accept and tolerate the Kenyan air strikes against Somali civilians in southern Somalia in which many innocent people lost their lives, including children and women.

This move comes as Somali government on Wednesday said it will investigate deadly air strike by Kenya jets targeted.

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