Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another Person Killed in Fifth Day of Afghanistan Anti-US Demonstrations

One killed in fifth day of Afghanistan protests

KABUL | Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:49am EST

KABUL (Reuters) - One person was shot dead by Afghan security forces on Saturday as protests over the burnings of the Muslim holy book at a NATO base raged for a fifth day, provincial officials said.

The shooting took place in Logar province south of Kabul after hundreds of angry protesters clashed with security forces. Two people were wounded.

Protests erupted in several other provinces on Saturday. Security forces remained on high alert.

Twelve people were killed on Friday and dozens wounded in the bloodiest day yet in demonstrations over the burning of the Korans at Bagram airbase.

The Koran burnings underscore the deep cultural divide that still exists more than 10 years after U.S. troops invaded to oust the Taliban and have deepened public mistrust of the West.

They could also hurt efforts to pacify the country before NATO combat troops leave in 2014.

Muslims consider the Koran to be the literal word of God and treat each copy with deep reverence. Desecration is considered one of the worst forms of blasphemy.

(Reporting by Hamid Shalizi, editing by Michael Georgy and Ron Popeski)

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