Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zimpapers Talk Radio Station to Hit Airwaves

Zimpapers Talk Radio station to hit airwaves

Tuesday, 21 February 2012 00:00
Herald Reporter

Zimpapers Talk Radio will be on air by the end of next month, group chief executive Mr Justin Mutasa has said.

He said plans to get the radio station on air were at an advanced stage with technical staff working full throttle on the project.

He said this yesterday while assessing progress at the studios and offices at Natprint in Harare alongside Media, Information and Publicity Minister Webster Shamu and the project architect Mr Daniel Mandishona.

“We are confident we will meet the March 31 target,” he said.

“We are well on course and the guys are working hard on the offices and studios and they have made a lot of progress and nothing will stop us from achieving our goal.”

He said the company will, in a few days time, install new state-of-the-art broadcasting equipment.

“We are putting final touches on the equipment and the rest of it will be in the country soon,” he said.

“Some of our guys are out of the country working on this and everything will be digitalised to keep with the latest trends in the broadcasting technology. We are also going to air distinct programmes.”

He said Zimpapers had the experience and capacity to meet the demands of the market. Mr Mutasa said the radio’s content will uplift and guard Zimbabwe’s common interests.

“That is what we will stand for. Our content will always be there to inform the nation about the good of the country.

“Zimbabweans will also be given a chance to converse through our Talk Radio,” he said.

In an effort to become an integrated media house, Zimpapers acquired a radio licence last year and is also focusing on getting a television licence.

Minister Shamu said he was impressed by the developments made by the group in setting up a radio station.

“This is impressive. It has schedules and everything is well-planned,” he said.

“As much as you will be giving diverse information and entertainment, you are also creating employment for a lot of people, especially journalists.”

Minister Shamu said the geographical location of the studios was “ideal” as it was close to a residential area.

“It is a good idea to operate near Mbare. That is where the people are and I am optimistic many youngsters will be inspired by this nearness.

“Let me emphasise that you should also be able to produce new talent in terms of presenters and journalists.

“Your auditions should scout for talent because we believe there are many youngsters out there who have not had an opportunity to showcase their talents,” he said.

Minister Shamu said Talk Radio should be a station of history.

“I am urging you to stand on the shoulders of veteran broadcasters like Dominic Mandizha, Amon Nyamambi, Ishmael Kadungure, Benjamin Chipere and the late Wilson Chivaura, Joseph Masuku and Jabulani Mangena,” he said.

Mr Mandishona said the design of the radio station’s studios will be “world class”.

“People will be able to see what the DJs would be doing from outside.

“Everything is going to be modern and we are also going to put a pictorial theme of African musicians inside,” he said.

“It is only a few days before people see this world class studio.”

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