Saturday, July 28, 2012

ZANU-PF Politburo Discusses Draft Constitution for Zimbabwe

Politburo discusses draft constitution

Saturday, 28 July 2012 00:00
Herald Reporter

The Zanu-PF Politburo yesterday discussed some of the contentious issues in the Copac draft constitution and raised technical concerns that the party wants to be addressed.

By the time of going to Press, the party had gone through the first 10 chapters and was left with eight more that were expected to drag debate.

Sources said the draft constitution was being discussed in an amicable manner, with no major differences and objections raised on the first chapters.

“We have gone through some of the contentious issues and agreed on the technical issues that need some attention,” said a Politburo member.

The sources said the technical issues revolved around some of the major topics contained in the draft constitution.

The meeting started around 1pm.

The Politburo was discussing the draft constitution section by section, with the members being accorded a chance to air their views for possible amendments.

The purpose of the review was meant to find out if the party agrees with the provisions of the draft constitution.

Some of the contentious issues in the draft constitution include devolution of power, executive powers, citizenship, death penalty and homosexuality.

Copac produced the draft constitution only this week after missing the deadline by almost two years.

Members of the select committee were criticised for taking long to produce the new charter.

They were accused of delaying coming up with the new constitution for them to continue enjoying the huge allowances they received from the donors.

Some political analysts criticised the draft constitution, saying it did not capture the views of the people, despite Copac holding whirlwind tours of the country to seek the people’s views.

Others called for the disbandment of Copac and the institution of a new body to spearhead the constitutional making process.

Allegations were that the MDC-T was seeking to use the constitutional making process to effect illegal regime change.

The Politburo meeting was also expected to discuss a report on the disbandment of the District Co-ordination Committees that was complied by the Commissariat department.

The report was expected to include views of the party members as captured in recent visits to the provinces by a team led by Secretary for Administration Cde Didymus Mutasa to explain the dissolution of the DCCs.

The provinces welcomed the move, saying the DCCs were causing divisions and confusion within the party.

Zanu-PF accused the DCC members of fanning factionalism within the party that was likely to contribute to electoral loses.

The party said it will create a structure with only four people to link the provinces with the grassroots.

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