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Statements From COSATU, SACP, YCLSA, ANCYL on Marikana and Other Issues

COSATU shocked at ‘shot-in-the-back’ allegations

28 August 2012

The Congress of South African Trade Unions is shocked at the report in The Star that post-mortem results from the shooting on 16 August, when 34 miners were killed in Marikana, indicate that “most of the people were fleeing from the police when they got killed. A lot of them were shot in the back and the bullets exited through their chests".

While we must await the full report of the Commission of Enquiry to establish the whole truth of what happened on that tragic day, this report, if true, will contradict the SAPS claim that they were defending themselves against attack.

It will confirm the federation’s worst fears about the pattern of excessive violence by the police in response to public demonstrations, which we have described as .a "skiet en donner" attitude on the part of the commanders of the police.

COSATU reiterates its condemnation of immediately resorting to firing live ammunition and the SAPS’s serious lack of training and planning on crowd control tactics.

The federation is also alarmed at reports of ill-treatment of the 260 workers arrested in Marikana. Defence lawyer, Advocate Lesego Mmusi, alleges that some of the mineworkers arrested in connection with the murder of 10 people at Marikana, North West, have not had their TB and HIV and Aids treatment since 16 August.

There are even allegations that some of the accused are being tortured. It is reported the Independent Police Investigative Directorate is investigating allegations that detainees apprehended at Marikana, and held at Phokeng and Mogwase Police stations, were assaulted.

COSATU calls on government, through its minister, to ensure that the human rights of all those arrested are not trampled upon.

COSATU is determined to get the whole truth about what happened at Marikana and will demand the strongest action against anyone found to have acted illegally. Everything possible must be done to ensure that there will never be any more Marikanas.

Patrick Craven (National Spokesperson)
Congress of South African Trade Unions

Tel: +27 11 339-4911 or Direct: +27 10 219-1339
Mobile: +27 82 821 7456

NUMSA members down tools at Dunlop Howick

28 August 2012

A throng of workers working at a monopoly and imperialist-owned Dunlop in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal have started with their protected strike since Wednesday 22 August 2012.

The strike action has been triggered by stubbornness and big-headed arrogance by Dunlop ruling oligarchy to concede to workers demands for improved conditions of employment and sustainable livelihoods.

The strike action is part of the tactical manoeuvre by the militant and strong Dunlop workforce to exert pressure to the Dunlop ruling oligarchy to accede to their demands. It is further consistent with the electoral commitment of the ANC-led alliance and President Jacob Zuma-led administration of creating decent work and sustainable livelihoods.

We demand the following:

1. We demand a two-year agreement;
2. We demand 10% increase in the 1st year, and 9% increase in the 2nd year;
3. We demand two weeks pay bonus; AND
4. We demand two weeks severance pay for each completed year.

We strongly believe that these demands by workers are reasonable and legitimate. We refuse to allow members to be subjected to starvation and poverty wages, amidst the triple crisis of poverty, unemployment and inequalities, mainly affecting working class and poor households.

Employment of a size-able number of workers through labour broker continues to plunge Dunlop workers to the above unbecoming conditions, therefore we commit to fight for their permanent employment.

Furthermore, we call on the Dunlop ruling oligarchy to return to the bargaining table in order to resolve the dispute, as opposed to cheap and dangerous stance taken by Dunlop to employ the services of a private security company to intimidate and threaten our un-armed and peace-loving striking NUMSA members.

Mbuso Ngubane
NUMSA KZN Regional Secretary

Malema and his friends show no respect for the nurses and women

27 August 2012

The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (SADTU) would like to echo Denosa’s dismay and contempt at the attack of COSATU president Sdumo Dlamini by the so-called “Friends of the Youth League.”

In a response to Cde Dlamini’s speech delivered at the Young Communist’s League public lecture in Katlehong where he sounded a warning that the Federation was under attack from Malema and others and warned him not to exploit the Marikana tragedy for his narrow political gains, the “Friends of the Youth League” have resorted to sexism and gender stereotyping to chide Cde Sdumo.

A statement issued by the “Friends” kept referring to Cde Sdumo as “Sister Sdumo” portraying him as a person who is politically and ideologically bankrupt, cannot withstand violence and whose struggle credentials are questionable.

The statement seeks to undermine and denigrate Cde Sdumo as a leader by using his profession which is mostly associated with women who are perceived to be the “weaker sex” and therefore Cde Sdumo is weak politically, ideologically and even physically.

Let the so-called "Friends" know that the nursing profession started in India in 250 BC where men were enrolled in schools to do nursing and as early as 1800`s a hospital in San Antonia could only admit men as nurses.

These confused elements have a poorly skewed impression of what nursing really is. Don`t they know that nursing profession is not for the classroom jumpers? This noble profession which is respected world wide demands from those passionate men and women to have strong Maths and science skills. It demands good communication skills not verbal diarrhea that we have come to expect from these confused "Friends". The nursing profession demands excellent critical thinking skills to save lives by making quick decisions. It is a profession that demands from men and women tons of technical knowledge.

It is important that those so-called "friends" learn that nurses are not subordinates to doctors as they would want to perceive these professionals. Our job is to continue to teach our young people in our schools to quash these stereotypes that the so-called "friends" are spreading because of their ignorance.

The nursing profession is not the profession for the weak; it is for the brave and leaders. The founder nurse Florence Nightingale bears these traits. In South Africa we have seen women at the forefront of the struggle like Lillian Ngoyi, Charlotte Maxeke, Cecilia Makiwane were nurses. They not only cared but led as well. They used the profession to uplift our communities and to lead in the struggle against oppression.

The statement is not only an insult to Cde Sdumo but to the nursing profession as a whole. We call on the Friends of the Youth League retract it forthwith.

Cde Sdumo is in COSATU today because of his tireless dedication to the struggle for workers in South Africa. He engaged with the employer on the shop-floor fighting for better working conditions. He has first hand experience of what it is like to wake up everyday, go to work and earn a salary through his sweat. Being a nurse does not mean he is incapable of engaging in the struggle or maturing politically and ideologically.

Malema and his friends need to go back to learn that best arguments are won not by attacking the man but ideas. Comrade President Sidumo is the leader of the workers and we shall defend him with everything we have.

ISSUED BY: SADTU Secretariat

Mugwena Maluleke - 0827832968
Nkosana Dolopi - 0827095651
Media Officer, Nomusa Cembi - 082 719 5157

DENOSA Gauteng responds to friends of the Youth League undermine of nurse leaders

27 August 2012

DENOSA Gauteng notes with dismay and contempt the attack on Comrade Sdumo Dlamini by the friends of the youth league in a statement titled “Friends of the youth league respond’s to Sister Sdumo Dlamini”

We view this attack not only as an attack to Comrade Sdumo Dlamini but as an attack to the entire nursing profession and we condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms and we are disturbed by such a reckless and disrespectful statement from Floyd Shivambu and friends of the youth league.

It is reckless and disrespectful for this grouping to undermine Comrade Sdumo and continuously refer to him as “sister Sdumo” in a sarcastic and disrespectful manner that undermines the nursing profession and nurses, suggesting that Nurses must only focus on health care issues and leave politics alone is cheap.

We want to remind Floyd and his grouping that Nurses have been active and involved in the struggle for the liberation for a long time before he was born and played a role in achieving the democracy that he enjoys today, the likes of Lillian Ngoyi, Charlotte Maxeke, Cecilia Makiwane and Albertina Sisulu etc. All these nurses have shown that nurses are capable of leading and contributing positively to the community and country at large.

Suggesting that the only struggle Cde Sdumo has been exposed to is fighting among fellow sisters and midwifes is silly, baseless and vindictive and further gives the impression that nurses only fight among themselves in hospitals and don’t face struggles and bad working conditions. This statement in nature further discourages young males from joining the profession because of ill discipline and careless statements made by reckless leaders like Floyd and his grouping.

We want to call on Shivambu and his grouping to retract this reckless statement and speak on the issues and leave the nursing profession out of their issues, as this doesn’t build the profession and but give it a bad name and undermines it.

Issued by DENOSA GP
For more info Contact
Simphiwe Gada
079 501 4869

COSATU disgusted by diatribe by ‘Friends of the Youth League’

27 August 2012

The Congress of South Africa Trade Unions has noted with disgust the dishonouring of Congress movement principles by the so-called ‘Friends of the Youth League’ (FYL) - a pseudo political ‘party’ - in its attack on the COSATU President, Sidumo Dlamini, in an open letter.

It is not only an offensive insult to the President but an attack on the Federation in general, and its collective leadership. It is also highly offensive for former Youth League members to dishonour all women, in particular all those in the health profession, by addressing the President of a Global Social Justice Movement as ‘sister Sdumo’.

For the record, male nurses within the industry are addressed as ‘Sirs’ and female nurses as ‘Sisters’. The President is one of the proudest ‘sirs’ within the nursing profession and also a senior leader of the largest union federations in Africa and the world, which played a critical part in winning the right to freedom of association ushered in by the sound constitutional principles we achieved in the 1994 breakthrough.

COSATU will not be deterred by such sexist and un-called-for insults, such as that the President’s “only exposure to struggle is in hospital wards and fighting amongst fellow sisters and mid-wives”.

The FYL’s sexist attack displays a scandalous insensitivity to the broader gender struggles still being fought within the Alliance movement. It shows total disrespect for the noble service delivered daily by all nursing professionals in this country and elsewhere, and to all women, by using ‘sister’ as a term of ridicule.

To suggest that workers in the nursing profession in particular and the health sector in general have no potential to produce a leader of his calibre, tramples on Congress Movement principles - respect for democratically agreed policies, respect for the presidency and respect for collective leadership.

To suggest that unionists must resign from progressive trade unions shows their shallowness in understanding that ‘No Worker is a good Members of Congress unless he is also a Trade Unionist’, and that ‘No Trade Unionist is a good Trade Unionist unless he is also a Member of Congress’.

We do not take this uncalled for attack lightly. This pseudo-political party has ignored important arguments which were raised during the YCLSA Public Lecture on a ‘Shared History by the Alliance’, in which the President of COSATU was deployed to deliver a message of support.

Unpacking the Marikana Tragedy cannot become a ‘specialised path or fiefdom’ by some demagogues bent on undermining the tenacious work of COSATU as the Shield of the Workers!

We call upon all like-minded progressive organization such as NEHAWU, DENOSA, SADNU, SAMA, the Progressive Women’s Movement and lastly the African National Congress Women’s League, to refuse to allow the ‘FYL’ to undermine the profession which has provided life-sustaining and life-saving treatment and care in the health service.

COSATU takes a dim view of the FYL’s desperate struggle for political survival based on approach of insulting whoever does not ‘quorate’ on their ‘political agenda’.

These attacks are also related to those by forces currently intent on undermine worker unity, by forming splinter ‘unions’, with no clear agenda and/or strategy, but to dislodge the mighty COSATU.

COSATU reiterates its condemnation of these ‘Johnny-come-latelys’ and calls on all members to be not misled by their irresponsible utterances.

As it advances towards its 11th National Congress in September 2012, COSATU calls upon all trade unionists to disown the disgruntled ex-union and ex-ANCYL leaders using worker issues for their narrow political agendas.

COSATU has total respect for its leadership collective in general and the president in particular. He is a great workers’ leader!

Norman Mampane (Communications Officer)
Congress of South African Trade Unions

Tel: +27 11 339-4911 or Direct 010 219-1342
Mobile: +27 72 416 3790

South African Communist Party Northern Cape Province Press Statement on De Beers

27 August 2012

The SACP in the Northern Cape supports efforts by the people of the Northern Cape particularly by the broader Kimberley Community to claim legitimate compensation for the injustices perpetrated by De Beers against the people an the environment.

Despite the fact that Kimberley, the Northern Cape and workers are responsible for the wealth of the Oppenheimers there is absolutely nothing significant that De Beers has done for the people as a good legacy.

Kimberley and the Northern Cape were denied the opportunity to host the historic soccer world cup amongst others because Kimberley does not even have a suitable stadium. The least De Beers could have done before running away and abdicating Responsibility was to build a stadium and a multi-sports facility..

De Beers’s employees who were retrenched as a result of profit maximization policies live under abject poverty and squalor whilst the bosses have money, wealth and resources for generations to come..

Many former De Beers Workers have died prematurely as a result of deceases contracted in the mines..

De Beers has brought nothing but misery to the workers and the poor of our Province for over a century of plundering the mineral wealth of our country, province and city..

De Beers profit driven production at its dumps behind Colville and Floors has recently being spewing its waste in the atmosphere causing deceases amongst the community of Colville and Floors. Because of inhuman capitalist accumulation path and profit maximization they have recklessly and unsustainably caused irreparable harm to the environment incapable of recognizing the crisis as they just don’t care..

Many people lost their lives in Otters kopje Mine in Galeshewe that was left unrehabilitated for many years..

The SACP would like to call for an investigation regarding rates and taxes that are allegedly owed to the Sol-Plaatje municipality, amounting to billions of rands..

If they are to improve their bad public image in the mining communities they must compensate for all human and environmental destruction they have caused through many decades of mining in our land..

Issued by: -

South African Communist Party Northern Cape Provincial Executive Committee.

For more information contact:
Tshepo “Footsoldier” Mogorosi at 073 094 6027 or

Real culprits of catastrophic and desperate Marikana not in the dock

By Mawethu Rune
Young Communist League of South Africa

On the 16 of August 2012, thousands of mine workers in Marikana woke up prepared to make all possible sacrifices and all means to persuade the employer in demand of R 12 500 monthly salary, 34 of them little did it know that such sacrifice would be ultimate. They knew that situation was volatile already ten lives have been lost but no person would have prepared them for deadly confrontation with the police, even the ‘’inyanga’’ which thought can it make them invincible would not have prepared them.

Following gunning down of 34 which was widely reported all who respect human life worse those who associate with workers and working class struggle in general must in shame hang their heads.

Eighteen years into democracy it is an embarrassment that protesting workers whether armed or unarmed, whether led or mislead, whether organised or unorganised, whether conscious or unconscious must lose their lives in hands of police who are supposed to protect them from killings. I have in somber read and listened to many commentaries and analysis, which centred on one point who must be hanged and crucified for these deaths.

One school of thoughts vociferous and highly liberal appeared to be well covered in media is that employers have done all what they could and this is nothing but turf war between unions, with NUM weak and having lost ground in favour violent AMCU, bordering if not pronounced in that unions must banned or government must press ahead with further labour flexibilities in favour of sanity. In contrast another school of thought was that those who organised illegal strike, armed marchers and charged at police must be held responsible.

Third didactic stream viewed this as beginning of revolution led by fed up workers from super exploitation from employers and self-enriching unions on the other hand, and therefore workers were massacred because police as state apparatus are protecting interest of ruling class (employers in this instance)

There was also opportunist who cared only to scream to whoever listened in that Zuma administration has brutally massacred workers and therefore he must not be re - elected in Mangaung.

Pseudo psychotherapist’s argued that this was inevitable; government has failed to deliver to all therefore these are results.

While of these observations could gravitate towards sound perspective but majority of them were purely metaphysical in that they viewed Marikina tragedy as only an accident and great pity. If those who armed were not armed or those who shot may have not shot all that could have been avoided and therefore find those who acted illegally on 16 August and arrest them then justice is served. They deny themselves opportunity to study the context, linkages and essence.

That is why in this regard Presidential Commission of Enquiry must be welcomed as a platform to provide answers than many conspiracy theories which we are fed currently.

But knowing who organised the illegal strike, which armed protestors, who killed ten people before Thursday, whether police not have handled the situation better, were police acting in vengeance or defense. Important as answers to these questions are but to me they are not adequate in interrogating the context and cause that led to that sad day.

Even if answers to above questions are found as they should, prevailing conditions which ferment causes which gave rise to such desperate situations would have not been addressed. Meaning prospects of similar incidents would not be prevented or at least managed from future occurrence. Put otherwise if it’s only established that Joe Soap agitated and armed workers but also police X should have handled the situation better that does not per stop the underlying causes or similar occurrence somewhere else whether at small scale.

The context of South Africa economy reflects a stark reality that after series of wars of resistance, majority of population which happened to be black was brutally pushed to periphery of mineral - export orientated economy.

Those in periphery like Eastern Cape out of desperation were to sell their labour power to big mining houses, hence there it is no surprise that majority of those who are most vulnerable and out of sheer desperation on daily basis risking their lives in digging gold in exchange of meager R 4 000 while employers sit comfortable in their luxuries and rick in trillions of profit.

While these vulnerable workers risk their lives, they live in squalor, they socio - economic conditions are horrendous and therefore yes they deserve decent wage too, they deserve better houses, they deserve safe working conditions.

This frantic working and living conditions are not making unions but those of mining are only obsessed in seeing workers underground digging the minerals for them to reap super profits, with no treatment of while natural resources that are plundered, underground water polluted , and killing or injuring thousands upon thousands of workers in those hazardous conditions.

With dawn of democracy competing interest accrue, with workers better organised under NUM and therefore demanding slice of wealth they make, while on the other hand employers seeking every means possible to stratify the workers in introduction of casual workers, lay off, labour brokers etc. But strategic stumbling block in reducing input cost of workers and sustain super profits for employers have always been this NUM.

Hence as evident now in Marikana attempts to undermine collective bargain of workers has always been there, either by luring workers and negotiate outside bargaining structures or create a pseudo union that appear militant but its demands are acceded as to raise its profile and discredit NUM only for that to be short lived as it has been done in this instance by BHP Billiton, AMCU. All this is done in attempt to further stratify workers and erode their confidence in organised unions.

Coupled with that illogic of capital in its ruthless pursuance of profits, inherently creates crisis’s as evident now with capital crisis of 2008 and now the Euro - crisis with all plunge and eat in their employers profits, but it be workers who bear the brunt of lay - off’ s and massive retrenchments.

Only now on 22 August 2012 employers brief media in mining weekly reported that this transitional mining giant BHP Billiton reported a 15% decline in underlying earnings before interest and tax for the financial year ended June, as well as a 21% decline in attributable profit. It reported that Underlying earnings for the 12 months reached $27.2-billion, compared with the $31.9-billion, while profit from operations reached $23.7-billion, compared with the $31.8-billion in the previous financial year. Exceptional items totaling $1.7-billion contributed to a 35% decline in attributable profit to $15.4-billion.

Therefore it is not only mischievous but comical to attribute the Marikana tragedy to rivalry or weakness of unions and ignore real issues of context that gave rise to desperate situation and matches that started the fire by undermining collective bargaining structures points to mine bosses.

It would be miscarriage of justice if only drug users are brought to book not drug lords, if only prostitute are brought to book not pimps, therefore not only those who shot must be brought to book but those who created this desperate circumstance must never escape.

Government cannot stand by when mining houses a clear only interested in profits, enforceable mining charter must state categorically that is a responsibility of employer to unsure safe working conditions, decent living wage, social investments, sufficient benefits for employees and proper and adequate settlement for mine workers etc.

These development also confirms what would happen if we ever dare allow weakening or wishing away of unions in country, further scientific evidence demonstrate that the common law principle articulated on the basis that the relationship between employer and employee is based on the contract. Therefore this relationship of the employer and employee is best left for its regulation and determination to the specifications of the contract, and it must be regarded on contract of employment as of an individual nature.

This was however found wanting in regulating the changing nature of an employment contract, particularly as it relates to the stronger bargaining power of the employer, who owns the means of production, against the weaker one of the employee, who works the means of production.

One of leading academics in labour law in his book Workplace Law, Grogan further explains the deficiencies of the common law, which need to be addressed by legislation:
a."The common law contract of employment is individualistic in nature, paying no regard to the collective relationship between employees and employers, which became of increasing importance with the growth of the trade union movement.
b. The common law does not cater for the inherent inequality in bargaining power between the employer as the owner of the means of production and the employees, who are entirely dependent on supply and demand for their welfare and job security.
c.The common law pays no regard to the employment relationship, giving the employee no inherent right to press for better conditions of employment as time goes by.
d.The common law emphasis on freedom of contract encourages exploitation of labour.
e.The common law does not promote participative management, in which workers have a meaningful say in at least those management decisions, which directly affect their working conditions and legitimate interests.
f.The common law does not provide effective protection to the job security of employees."

One have observed many from comfort of their leather sits and air conditioned offices today being bold that NUM is weak, it has lost grasp of workers and it has failed to negotiate better deals of its constituency, when in actual fact as we recognise 30 years of NUM existence we are actually celebrating 30 years of militant struggles of mine workers led by NUM and its forebears against super exploitation and hazardous condition on mines of this country.

We must remind those who have selective amnesia that NUM have carried sins for discovery of minerals in this country. Many attempts in the past have been contortioned by capital to break the backbone of NUM but in vain.

Equally worrying development in Marikana which has not been interrogated is what appears to be regress in progress on the national question. Strides have been made in creating one non - racial, non - sexist, democratic and united South Africa but when hostilities among working class are on the rise on the basis that people living in North West and particular community of Marikana fell entitled that it have preference in getting jobs than those who hail from outside meaning Eastern Cape and other parts of South Africa. Mineral deposits of this country belong to all South Africans and all have equal claim to wealth beneath the soil.

Also as we celebrate women month it must be rejected the backward stereotype with once more has been proven to be fallacy as evident in Marikana in that women are object of weakness and when men are to be strong and prepare for low intensity warfare they must not mix with women. And degrade a role of women as only to plead for their men, very far from men in risk of being weakened by this weak species.

Mawethu Rune is a National Deputy Chairperson of the YCLSA

The degeneration of political grounds In O. R. Tambo District

23 August 2012

The Young Communist League of South Africa [uFasimba] in Oliver Reginald Tambo District [Eastern Cape] is deeply saddened by the degenerating political ground and space within the District. This organisation recognizes African National Congress (ANC) as the political party that not only leads the Mass Democratic Movement (MDM) but the entire society hence it is always important to be responsible in any action it takes.

As a disciplined force of the left, the ANC is having obligation of leading the structures of MDM and the entire society with great care and responsibility. The YCLSA is noting with great sadness the paralisation of branches and people across the district by the just dissolved leadership of ANC in O. R. Tambo Region. The membership and branches of ANC in the Region are highly divided because of the elected leaders who turn to be boss than being collective leadership of region. This leadership instead became elite for deployment of incompetent friends to the running of municipalities not for the promotion of rendering services to the needs of the people of the district. The outgoing regional leadership has not prioritised the work and importance of the alliance. During its leadership, there were not even one alliance meetings and joint programs. This has led to shortfalls in governance and resulting to poor participation of alliance in issues like municipal performance and monitoring, improvement of education standards in the region, participation to NHI implementations and so on. The ANC and alliance role in eradication of ‘ills of society’ like crime, deaths in circumcision schools is shocking indeed. In all these issues this leadership has not provided leadership as anyone would expect. This action is against the key objective of the ANC which is the creation of a united, non-racial, nonsexist, democratic society and responsible governance.

In real terms, this means that the liberation of Africans in particular and black people in general from political and economic bondage is still at the distance. As the Young Communist League of South Africa under the leadership of South African Communist Party, we seek to remind the entire membership of the ANC that the common commitment to achieve the objectives of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) and the need to unite the largest possible cross-section of South Africans behind these objectives is not yet achieved.

We are calling upon the incoming leadership of the ANC in the Region after conference to respond to the needs of the community with great care as Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and developed policies stipulate. The incoming leadership must act in the interest of unifying the people in the whole district not only those close to their heart. The YCLSA is also saddened by ongoing rumours that delegates are being promoted jobs and money to exchange their votes, which by the way are the ones promising job and money to the on a exchange of vote paralysis.

Marikana crisis

We are deeply saddened to learn that the O. R. Tambo District is directly and highly affected by Marikana tragedy. First and foremost, we send deep felt condolences to the affected families.

Our analysis as the District clearly shows the extent to which our people were systematically complied to work as migrate workers in the mines by apartheid capitalism regime. That is why we say capitalism sucks. Let’s together begin to build socialism in our lifetime.

Issued by YCLSA OR Tambo District

For more information contact:
District Secretary
Cde Madoda Mdlodlongi
Cell: 082 367 6516

The YCLSA condemns the so-called Friends of the Youth League

28 August 2012

As the YCLSA [uFasimba] in Gauteng province we organised a highly successful public lecture, hosted in Katlehong by Oupa Phasha District on Sunday, 26 August 2012. COSATU President Sidumo Dlamini was amongst the speakers who made presentations at the lecture, well informed by a scientific reflection on the shared history between the African National Congress (ANC) and the Communist Party as well as the progressive trade union movement as led by Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) in its different phases of development.

Following the lecture, the tendency of a counter-revolution – the so-called Friends of the Youth League (FYL) issued a statement titled "Friends of the Youth League respond`s to Sister Sdumo Dlamini". In the statement the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and COSATU are attacked through a sarcastic attack on the nursing profession and COSATU President.

We condemn the attack to the contempt it warrants. We shall not reserve ourselves when our movement and its leaders are being attacked.

We find ourselves having the duty to respond because we organised the lecture. Most importantly we are fundamentally opposed to opportunism, demagogy and all forms of manoeuvres to divide workers as evidently reflected in the conduct of Julius Malema`s so-called Friends of the Youth League.

The "FYL" is not only organised on the basis of support for ill-discipline and ill-disciplined elements either expelled or suspended from the ANC, but is also organised on the basis of the worst form of intellectual impairment manifested ever in South Africa.

Firstly, the ANC Youth League has rejected the friendship of and link with the "FYL". This has consistently been communicated in no uncertain terms by the ANCYL in Gauteng and at our lecture where the Youth League`s leadership was represented by Gauteng Provincial Deputy Chairperson Simon Molefe. The link with the "FYL" has also been rejected or denied by the serving national leadership of the ANCYL on behalf of the Youth League as a whole just yesterday, Monday, 27 August 2012. It does not make sense therefore, both intellectually and socially, for the newly formed organisation of Julius Malema to call itself friends of the Youth League.

Secondly, the intellectual impairment of Julius Malema`s "FYL" is not only reflected in the sarcastic and disrespectful use of the title ‘Sister` in their statement. It is also reflected in the "FYL`s" sexist, sectarian and ill-informed attitude towards the title and nursing profession as a whole. In the "intellectual standard par excellence" of the "FYL" a nurse and fellow midwives cannot have struggle and revolutionary credentials. This is both historically and intellectually senseless. To name but a few, starting with COSATU President Sidumo Dlamini the South African struggle for national liberation and social emancipation has produced, to name but a few Albertina Susulu, Charlotte Maxeke, Lillian Ngoyi, and Cecilia Makiwane.

Thirdly, in the "FYL`s" complete intellectual capacity, divisions among workers represent a brighter future for the struggle to achieve improved working and employment conditions. This was evident in the attack on NUM and COSATU by the founding principal of the "FYL" Julius Malema and his spokesperson Floyd Shivambu in the aftermath of Marikana tragedy when they supported one infant union. The intellectual truth as reflected in COSATU`s slogan is that an injury to one is an injury to all; that divided workers will fall, as it most unfortunately happened in Marikana where not only the police but also workers killed other workers including two police officers; and that united workers will make advances and lose nothing but their chains.

As the YCLSA we emerged from the lecture at least with one message. An attack on the on COSATU is an attack on the Communist Party and the ANC and is intolerable. This is our message to the "FYL" and reaffirmation of the warning by COSATU President on behalf of COSATU.

Statement issued by the YCLSA Gauteng Province

Alex Mashilo – Provincial Secretary

Cell082 9200 308

Statement of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress Youth League following the NEC meeting held on the 17th to 18th August 2012

27 August 2012

The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) National Executive Committee (NEC) met at an ordinary meeting on the 17th and 18th August 2012. The meeting was called, as per the constitutional imperative, to reflect on developments and assess progress towards the attainment of the mandate bestowed upon this us by the 24th National Congress.

The NEC meeting was the first since the seminal National Policy Conference of the African National Congress which adopted radical and urgent policy shifts required for Economic Freedom in our Lifetime. The NEC applauded and thanked branches of the ANC for bringing to an abrupt end the attempts to marginalise and isolate the ANC Youth League and its views. The resolutions taken by Policy Conference and to be ratified by the National Conference in Mangaung, particularly on adopting strategic nationalisation and expropriation of land withouth compensation, have reaffirmed that which the Youth League has said. The issues we raise, the ideas we articulate, are not ours, we merely act as conduits to remind the ANC of the commitments it made to the people at the Congress of the People in Kliptown.

We are extremely pleased therefore that the Freedom Charter has regained its centrality within the organisation and trust that indeed it shall be the lodestar that guides all our deployees in the work they must undertake moving forward. Economic Freedom in our Lifetime, which is the attainment of all Freedom Charter objectives, is therefore no longer a programme of the ANC Youth League but soon a programme of the ANC as evidenced by the resolutions taken. NEC noted the attempts to divert and confuse society on the resolutions of the Policy Conference and thus mandated the National Working Committee (NWC) and all Provinces to convene Provincial General Councils, Regional General Councils, Zonal and Sub-Regional Meetings, Branch General Meetings and all structures where members of the ANC and the ANCYL gather to ensure that the correct message is communicated to all and to consolidate the gains of Policy Conference towards Mangaung.

Further, the NEC, in line with the pronouncements made by the African National Congress, has begun internal deliberations to take forward the resolution for strategic nationalisation and will be making submissions to the ANC that the mineral wealth to be nationalised should be based on the economic importance of the mineral or sector concerned as well as the risk associated with the supply thereof to safeguard our economic and political sovereignty. To this end, we shall be proposing the nationalisation of strategic companies such as SASOL, Kumba Iron-Ore and Acelor-Mittal. This should be accompanied by the nationalisation of the following minerals: iron, platinum group minerals, vanadium, manganese and zinc. The NEC also reiterated the call for the amendment of section 25 of the Constitution to enable strategic nationalisation of mines and expropriation without compensation. It further called for the speedy establishment of an Expropriation Commission that will be able to expropriate land in the public interest and for public purpose, thereby removing this task from the untransformed courts of South Africa.

Inequalities in South Africa will be eradicted through section25 as amended to enable redistribution. To this end, the National Development Plan of the National Planning Commission should also be premised on the fact that inequalities will be addressed through redistribution. The need is for urgent and decisive intervention in the economy which remains fundamentally unaltered; the root cause of the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment. Young people are failed by this National Development Plan and the direct challenges facing them remain unaddressed.

The NEC further devoted time on our approach to organisational development and renewal. We understood Policy Conference to have expressed itself on the need for the renewal of the organisation and the renewal of leadership. We have fully support this perspective and we are clear that such renewal will undoubtedly ensure that generational mix finds expression in the leadership outcomes not only of Mangaung but all elective processes of the ANC. When the times comes to nominate, the African National Congress Youth League will argue and lobby for decisive men and women to rise to the challenges facing the organisation. A new generation of leadership that will confront capital without fear must emerge. We remain convinced that our people are impatient with the slow pace of economic transformation and this time bomb is no longer ticking but is progressively exploding as evidenced by the Marikana Massacre. Together with our structures, we will be conducting our own assessment of the implementation of the Polokwane Resolutions and amongst others, we expect this to guide us in our determination of the performance of the leadership collective at the helm of which is President Jacob Zuma.

We have repeatedly called for the implementation of free education and most recently the resignation of Minister Motshekga for failing dismally to deliver the most basic necessity for quality education - books. These and many more examples, we have spoken of as an organisation, continue to point to the blatant challenges arising from a lack of bold and courageous leadership. We call upon all our members and supporters to volunteer their time to assist destitute students with a catch up plan and those who still have in their possession textbooks from the previous years, which are still useable, to bring them forward to assist. Whether Minister Angie follows her conscious or not, young people remain disadvantaged and are not ready to sit for the final examinations this year. All progressive forces in society are called upon to be as mobilised as they were during The Spear debacle and support these young people in any way they can. To all youth affected by this issue, the Youth League calls upon them to dedicate all their energies to preparing for the examinations despite the failings by those whom we trusted to nurture them.

All stakeholders must cooperate with all investigations currently underway in Marikana -judicial enqurieis and investigations into the murder of miners by the police. We support IPID investigation into the torture of the arrested minders. We condemn such barbaric acts committed by the police who are meant to serve and protect as we condemn the employers` unwillingness to negotiate with the miners and the use of violent weapons by the miners during the strike. The commission must also enquire into the profits made by Lonmin as it is our view that these profits could easily pay the salaries demanded by the workers. The commission must not only point wrongs committed but must also bring recommendations that will better the living conditions of the miners.

The National Executive Committee was further extremely critical of Corporate South Africa which continues to be unpatriotic and even dismissive of the attempts of the people of this country to embrace them. Corporate South Africa, the biggest beneficiaries of apartheid, continues to enjoy the benefits of demcracy without responding with the much needed investment and job creation expected as they continue to enjoy economic priviledge. Corporate South Africa remains the only sector that has never appeared before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for their own atrocities committed against the people of this country during apartheid. It is perhaps this knowledge that there shall never be any recrimination for their actions, hence recently the banking industry continues to throw stones at the ANC led government without commitment to ensuring fundamantal economic transformation to the benefit of the majority.

The JSE Securities Exchange, the heart of Corporate South Africa and with arrogance of power, continues to disregard youth and youth employment. To date they have not seen it even fit to respond to the demands of young people delivered to them a year ago during the highly successful Economic Freedom March. Corporate cartels run rampant and deal harshly with anyone intent on exposing their unscrupulous tendencies as evidenced by the axing of the Estate Agency Affairs Board CEO. The CEO of the Competition Commission is under fire for exposing pricing fixing and collusion at amongst others* *Tiger Brands, BMW and Auction Alliance.

The NEC commended the criminal justice system for bringing the Boeremag trialists to book. The judgement reaffirms that any and all extremists should know never to seek to impose themselves to our people down the barrel of a gun. We call upon all South Africans to work together to build a united South Africa and for the criminal justice system to not have eyes and ears when dealing with matters of justice. We support the appeal by Chris Mahlangu against the harsh sentence of a life sentence plus 15 years for the murder of Eugene Terblanche. Mahlangu made the point in a court of law that the murder was in self defence following repeated abuse by the deceased. We remain convinced that the court was never compelled to level the maximum sentence given the case presented by Mahlangu. Lives of white people cannot continue to be more valuable that those of other people in society. The issue of child labour and the living conditions of farm workers should be investigated in SA farms as exposed by the second accused.

We have noted that the implementation of the Global Political Agreement of Zimbabwe continues at an extremely slow pace skewed towards Morgan Tsvangirai`s Movement for Democratic Change, a new friend of the South African government. We trust that Comrade Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma`s election as AU Commission Chair will stem the tide of the recolonisation of Africa disguised as democracy and seeking to undermine Africa`s liberation movements, our historical allies. We call on the South African government to also join the progressive countries of Spain and Argentina by refusing to harbour within its borders mass murderers who have committed heinous crimes against humanity. Tony Blair must, on his arrival on South African soil, be arrested and handed over to Interpol to face charges for war crimes against humanity before the International Criminal Court - this Court cannot continue to exist to prosecute only African leaders while turning a blind eye to those who believe military might and territorial invasions are the only ways to prop up their regimes and satisfy their ever expanding capitalist greed.

As the African National Congress Youth League, we are resolute that the hour of youth has struck and the time has come for decisive, radical and urgent policy shifts. To this end, we will not only be a critical body of opinion within the ANC but also a catalyst for unity within the ANC towards the realisation of the only transition of our struggle - fundamental socio-economic change underpinned by a radically transformed economy. We call upon all our structures to intensify recruitment and implement fearlessly the vigourous programme of action developed towards Mangaung. Members of the ANCYL must swell the delegations of the ANC and march with unity of purpose and a single resolve - election of men and women who do not sway to the tune of white monopoly capital but are resolute, tried and tested leaders who understand that the struggle now is an economic one. We will not deterred by attempts by particularly the South African Broadcasting Corporation to present a factional and one-sided view of the swelling waves of renewal within the structures of the ANC.

Issued by the African National Congress Youth League

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