Friday, August 31, 2012

Zimbabwe Vice President Mujuru Consoles Ethiopians

Acting President Mujuru consoles Ethiopians

Friday, 31 August 2012 03:52
Vice President Joice Mujuru
Herald Reporter

Acting President Joice Mujuru yesterday sent a message of condolence to the Ethiopian people following the death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on August 21.

She signed a book of condolences at the Ethiopian embassy in Harare.

Speaking to journalists after signing the book, Acting President Mujuru said PM Zenawi’s death was a loss to Africa.

She described PM Zenawi as an outspoken leader who was committed to the prosperity of Africa.

“As acting President of the Republic of Zim­babwe, I have come here to write to the acting Prime Minister of the Federal Repub­lic of Ethiopia that it is not only the Ethiopian people who have lost a leader but the whole African continent,” she said.

“PM Zenawi was one of the outspoken lead­ers who was very committed to the develop­ment of Africa. I know my leader here Presi­dent Mugabe will miss him because they have worked together for the betterment of Africa.

“I know it is going to be difficult for the peo­ple of Ethiopia because PM Zenawi’s death is not only a loss to the family but the entire nation.”

PM Zenawi died at the age of 57 and will be buried on Sunday.

The Acting President later met Cuban ambassador to Zimbabwe Cde Enrique Pri­eto Lopez who paid her a courtesy call at her Munhumutapa Offices.

Speaking to journalists after a closed door meeting Ambassador Lopez said he shared with the Acting President the two countries’ historical background.

The two countries, he said, should work together towards strengthening their long-standing relationship.

“I re-affirmed to the Acting President the lasting friendship between our countries that is historical and our commitment to strengthen our relationship,” he said.

Ambassador Lopez said he also delivered a special message from President Raul Castro of Cuba reiterating the need to deepen rela­tions between the two countries. He said they also discussed the issue of ille­gal sanctions imposed on both countries by the United States.

“We also reiterated our commitment to fight together against Western sanctions,” he said.

“We talked about the US blockade which has been in place for 50 years and sanctions that have been imposed on Zimbabwe which are all illegal.”

Ambassador Lopez said he briefed Acting President Mujuru on the need for the two countries to work together against foreign aggression.

Chinese envoy speaks

Friday, 31 August 2012 08:56
Herald Reporter

INCOMING Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Lin Lin has pledged to strengthen ties with Zimbabwe during his tenure. Ambassador Lin said this during a welcoming reception held for him and his family at the Chinese embassy in Harare yesterday.

“China and Zimbabwe share a deeply profound relationship,” said Ambassador Lin.

He said his government assisted Zimbabwe during the liberation struggle in the 1960s and 1970s.

The ambassador added that diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on the very day Zimbabwe attained its independence.

“Since then our relationship has grown stronger and stronger. China is ready to further work with Zimbabwe to enhance the relationship that will bring benefits to its peoples. I promise that I will do my utmost to fulfil my duties here,” he said.

Ambassador Lin has been in the country since last month and presented his credentials to President Mugabe last week.

He said he was honoured to be Chinese ambassador to Zimbabwe.

“I am deeply honoured to have been appointed ambassador and plenipotentiary of China to Zimbabwe,” he said.

“Zimbabwe is the fourth African country I have been posted. Before my posting I used to come to Zimbabwe and I fell in love with this beautiful land and the friendly people that is why I felt lucky to be posted here,” he said.

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