Saturday, January 26, 2013

Elias Jaua Meets With Chavez In Havana

Havana. January 22, 2013

Elías Jaua meets with Chávez in Havana

VENEZUELAN Foreign Minister Elías Jaua met yesterday, January 21 with President Hugo Chávez to share information on the country’s political situation and make decisions regarding the upcoming Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

Via his Twitter account @JauaMiranda, the Foreign Minister commented that during the meeting he shared jokes and smiles with the Venezuelan leader.

He added that Chávez made decisions in relation to the Venezuelan delegation’s participation in the CELAC Summit, scheduled for Santiago de Chile January 24-27. Jaua and Vice President Nicolás Maduro are to attend.

He stated that Chávez thanked the Venezuelan people for the mobilization, on January 10, in support of his new mandate.

"I gave him details of the January 10 mobilization. He asked me to convey his thanks to the people and the Armed Forces for so much loyalty."

Jaua commented that during his visit with the head of state he communicated to him "all the blessings and love from you, his beloved Venezuelan people. ¡¡VIVA CHÁVEZ!!" (Telesur)

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