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More Anti-Regime Rallies in Puntland State of Somalia

SOMALIA: More anti-Regime rallies in Puntland Sate of Somalia

On Friday, hundreds demonstrate in Bosaso, the commercial capital of Puntland State of Somalia, the second such protest to take place in Bosaso city in recent days.


Protest rallies from various locations in Bosaso were peaceful; demonstrators took down the portrait of President Farole in the main square of the city, while shouting “No Farole”.

A large number of security personnel were deployed at and around the city center, but did not manage to disperse the protesters who came out in large numbers for the first time.

On Wednesday there was a similar march which ended in a chaotic rally, after PIS forces (Puntland Intelligence Service) fired into the crowd.

On Thursday, the Security Minister Col.Khalif Isse Mudan held a press conference at his office near the port of Bosaso, which is the main income source for the Puntland authority.

“…We know who organized these demonstrations, the people who are not part of the government and that have any armed bodyguards will be arrested, if they resist they will be killed…starting from today I am ordering the Puntland forces to arrest these people and their bodyguards, if they resist, they will be killed….” says the Minister who warned the opposition leaders who use armed guards when traveling in the town.

Puntland Salvation Council (PSC) the main opposition group in Bosaso called the international community to intervene. The council condemned the threats to the local people and the attack of the Puntland soldiers on the unarmed demonstrators.

Fuel crisis

This week, Puntland authorities banned the fuel that is imported from Yemen. Many local small businesses are depending on the cheap fuel from Yemen. Many fear the ban will have a negative effect on the local small businesses and the market prices.

The government’s decision will effectively give a monopoly position to the bigger import & export companies who operate from Dubai, UAE. These companies have close ties with the Minister of Finance Farah Ali Jama and some members of the president’s family.

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