Sunday, February 24, 2013

Washington Escalates Attacks Against Sudan

Sudan Vision News Daily

Washington Embarks on Greater Action against Sudan

If the US Department of State's claims about air strikes in Dafur were true, UN Independent Human rights expert, Prof Mashood Baderin would have announced that in the news conference that followed his visit to the region.

The eight-day mission to Sudan which took Prof Baderin to Darfur States came to investigate human rights situations following US accusations that Sudan has carried out air strikes in the region.

The expert said Sudan has made progress in the area of human rights since his first official visit in June 2012, adding that the Sudanese authorities have never prevented him from inspecting any area.

Sudan's U.N. Ambassador Daffa-Alla Elhaj Ali Osman has denied carrying out air strikes in Darfur, saying the air-crafts are only used for administrative and logistic purposes.

"This is a fallacious claim since we use our air capacities for purely peaceful purposes," he said.

While US Department of State Spokesperson was accusing Sudan of shelling, US envoy to UN was cooking a plot against Sudan. She has set out to force Sudan to withdraw form the chairmanship of UN Economic and Social Development Council, one of the main UN agencies in flagrant breach of all diplomatic norms and conventions. Susan Rice who is actively working against Sudan at all levels will definitely fail and will be like some chasing a column of smoke to catch.

At the same time, US Congress is exercising pressures on Obama Administration to name a new envoy for Sudan to replace the former envoy, Princeton Lyman who resigned in December. The new nominated envoy has close relationship with South Sudanese leaders.

Following suit, US embassy in Khartoum has issued statements calling on Sudan and South Sudan to form the demilitarized zone immediately and unconditionally.

The most surprising thing, Washington is always biased against Sudan, but for the purposes of coverup, the embassy has used somewhat unbiased language.

The scenario aims to contain and humiliate Sudan. Washington knows that its accusations that Khartoum has carried air strikes in Darfur are untrue, but it tries to attract the attention of the international community to the alleged hostile acts.

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