Sunday, September 29, 2013

Anti-Imperialist States in South America Express Solidarity With Syria

President al-Assad receives phone call from President Maduro... Venezuela supports Syrian people against terrorism

Sep 27, 2013

Damascus, (SANA)-President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday received a telephone call from President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela who expressed solidarity of the Venezuelan people and their support to Syria in the face of the war it carries on against terrorism.

During the phone call, the two Presidents exchanged viewpoints on the latest developments in Syria.

President Maduro renewed support for finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria, rejecting any form of foreign intervention, particularly the threats of launching military aggression on the Syrian people.

He affirmed that Syria's steadfastness, as people and army, is now changing the map of international balances.

President al-Assad, for his part, thanked President Maduro and the Venezuelan people for their stance in solidarity with the Syrian people, stressing that this stance boosts the fraternal, consolidated relations which gather the two friendly peoples who stand, each in its region, in the face of attempts to dominate the independence of the two countries' decisions.


Venezuela, Bolivia reiterate rejection of military act against Syria

Sep 28, 2013

Caracas, (SANA) – Venezuela and Bolivia reiterated their rejection of any military act against Syria, expressing concern over the U.S. accusation of the Syrian government regarding chemical weapons, considering these accusations as a pretext to justify a military intervention.

The remarks came during a meeting between the Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, and Bolivian President, Evo Morales, held in Caracas on Friday.

President Morales expressed strong condemnation of the U.S. policies toward the Venezuelan President, considering them as "provocative," and calling upon all world to stand against the US and its policies which claim the lives of thousands every year.

For his part, President Maduro called upon all the Latin American countries to join forces in the face of imperialism and to follow the approach of the presidents Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

The Bolivian President expressed sorrow over granting the US president, Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize, adding that Obama deserves the "Nobel War Prize" instead.

M. Nassr/ H. Sabbagh

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