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Damascus Officials to Brazil Delegation: War Against Syria Targets Its Unity

Officials to Brazilian delegation: War against Syria targets its unity

Nov 27, 2013

Damascus, (SANA) - Assistant Secretary-General of the al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, Abdullah al-Ahmar, stressed the importance of the role of parties and popular organizations in unmasking the plot targeting Syria.

During a meeting with a Brazilian delegation comprising party, intellectual, cultural, media and human rights figures, al-Ahmar said that the conspiracy against Syria aims at dissuading Damascus from its pan-Arab stances, particularly regarding the Palestinian Cause.

He highlighted that the Syrians are keen of their national unity and reject all kinds of foreign interference in their country's internal affairs, voicing confidence that Syria will be victorious over the conspiracy and terrorism.

Al-Ahmar said that Syria welcomes all sincere and honest efforts aimed at reaching a political solution to the crisis but is determined to obliterate terrorism from the country.

He expressed appreciation of the stances of Brazil in support of all the just Arab causes and in solidarity with Syria in the face of the terrorist war targeting it.

For their part, members of the delegation expressed their country's rejection of all attempts of foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs, stressing that Syria will emerge from the crisis stronger and more immune.

Information Minister stresses importance of objective media in conveying facts

Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi underlined the significance of objective media in conveying the reality of events in Syria and blowing the lid of the terrorist crimes against citizens.

During his meeting on Wednesday with the Brazilian delegation, al-Zoubi said that "it was the Syrian government that first proposed political solution and dialogue to get out of the crisis,'' but, he said, armed terrorist groups insisted on rebuffing any political option.

The world political landscape has now changed considerably as the world public opinion is now aware of the armed terrorist groups' atrocities that stopped at nothing; not even the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian civilians and army, the minister pointed out.

He indicated that the Syrian media has been facing uphill challenges and offered dear sacrifices but has managed to iron out difficulties and convey the true image about the events unfolding on the ground.

Al-Zoubi stressed the important role of Syrian and Arab communities abroad in divulging the lies of hostile media that seeks to mislead world public opinion.

The minister referred to the Syrian government's consent to go to Geneva 2 without preconditions ''and all the statements of the opposition abroad are but attempts to evade participation in the conference.''

''The ballot box will define the future of the country,'' minister al-Zoubi added, affirming that the Syrian government will remain thanks to the sacrifices of the army and people '' and terrorists' attempts to subvert the state are doomed to failure.''

The delegation members, for their part, stressed solidarity with the Syrian people against barbarism and terrorism, condemning foreign intervention in the Syrian domestic affairs.

They also denounced the desecration of Muslim and Christian holy places by groups ''so detached from humanity'', expressing full solidarity with the Syrian people in the face of terrorism.

Mufti: War against Syria targets its unity

For his part, Syria's grand Mufti Ahmad Badr Eddin Hassoun said that the war against Syria targets its diversity, tolerant mentality and national unity.

Meeting the Brazilian delegation, the Mufti added that the region was the cradle of the heavenly messages and prophets.

He called upon members of the delegation to convey the real image of what is going on in Syria to the public opinion in their country.

For their part, members of the delegation condemned what is being broadcast by a number of misleading channels of lies on the events in Syria.

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